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May 2, 2007 06:16 PM

Recommendation: Penfold's Shiraz / Cabernet

I just discovered this wine, it's great and not expensive. Worth a try!

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  1. Agreed. There Cab-Merlot is awesome too.

    1. And since the imported 140,000 cases of it, it shouldn't be very hard to find. Pretty good wine for the price.

      1. IMO, one of the best $10 bottle of reds that you will find on the shelves right now.

        1. Agreed. They carry it at Costco for $10 and it's a great value.

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          1. re: stolenchange

            My son-in-law, an Aussie, who lives in Hong Kong serves this as every day house wine. He got me hooked and I've introduced it to many friends.

            Good value.


            1. re: stolenchange

              Just noted today that they now sell it for $7.99 (+ tax) in Washington. Probably dropped the price to make up for jacking up the price on Hedges CMS Red (another Costco fave.)

            2. Having some tonight ... very nice! Only realized it's a screw-top (I realize that's an entirely different topic but couldn't help bringing it up) after I brought it home... $8.99 at Publix here in FL! 70% shiraz/30% cabernet...thanks for the tip!