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May 2, 2007 06:15 PM

Best Pecan Pie (in Georgia?)

There are 3 major pecan-producing states in the US: New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia. New Mexican cooking tends to have a distinct Mexican slant; I've never come across any great Pecan pies there, although they may just be hidden away somewhere. But Texas has a long, proud relationship with the Pecan (it is our state tree, after all), and Georgia is the number one producer of Pecans and is well known for its pies in general.

It seems reasonable, then, to search for the best Pecan Pie in those two states. Personally, I'm cheering for Texas (state pride 'n' all), but I feel that I can't rule out Georgia as a possible dwelling place for the King of Pecan Pies. So, where are the best Pecan Pies in Georgia? Hopefully I'll be able to go try them some time, but right now it's kind of academic unless there's a clear-cut winner (in which case maybe they'll ship me a whole pie), and that seems very unlikely!

If you're not from Georgia, but feel that I have erred in narrowing the contest down to Texas and Georgia, by all means tell me about it. There are bakeries and restaurants in Louisianna and Mississippi that claim "the best pecan pie in the south", so maybe I'm way off base.

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  1. I wouldnt expect TX and GA to have the best pie just because texas and GA produce a lot of pecans. The best pecan pie ive ever had is the ones my friends mom makes in NC.

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      The best pecan (which I call "PEA-can" and my wife says "pe-CAHN") pies I've every had have all come from some good home cook's kitchen (including mine I would say) I's not hard to do so long as you can make a good pastry crust you can make a good pie. I actually use the recipie on the back of the Karo corn syrup bottle. Gooood!
      Especially warm from the oven with some good vanilla ice cream and or whipped cream on top.

      1. re: gashrink

        First, let me say that I adamantly agree with your wife.

        I agree with you, too, about the homemade pies. So far, I don't think I've yet had a pecan pie that I thought was significantly better than the ones my mom throws together with the old family recipe (which I believe is very close to the Karo recipe, though not quite the same). But there are several takes on pecan pie out there, and I'm hoping that my search will uncover new, hidden depths of pecan pie deliciousness, which can then be mined to great profit.

    2. The best pecan pie I ever had was on Rivers St. in Savannah. I believe the name of the place was The Pecan Factory. Ate a huge slice sitting at a small table outside watching the ships go by and washed it down with a hot cup of Kona. I believe this company ships their pies nationally.

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      1. re: Doodad

        Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't seem to find this place via the internet. Could you help me out? It sounds great.

        1. re: ratatosk

          I believe the slice I had was at the Savannah Candy Kitchen on Rivers St. ( don't know how I came up with the Pecan Factory name ). They'll ship you a whole pie for $25. With all the family reunions I attend every year in South Carolina I've never had anything that compared.

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              Grew up a few miles from the Ga. line in SC and have relatives in Dallas. I've attended family reunions in all three states and would have to say I favor the pies from my Ga./SC kin. A family reunion in the south without a pecan pie is not a family reunion. I am most fond of those pies that aren't so heavy on the Karo. If you order one of those pies from Savannah let us know what you think. The slice I had was so good it brought a tear to my eye.

      2. As always, I vote for the version at Paul's BBQ in Lexington, Georgia, which is not bragged on but is the most heavenly sugar-coma-inducing slice I have ever had the pleasure to eat. Made by church ladies. Only available Saturdays ( + July 4th).

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        1. re: hillarybrown

          OMG, hilary, you are so right. That pie is sooo good. His BBQ is not too badm either! My parents live in Arnoldsville and we always head down there on Saturdays.

        2. Sorry. It's rude to revive my own post, but I'm going to be in Atlanta in a month or two, and I'd like to track down some pecan pie while I'm there. I had some Georgia and Alabama pecans over the holiday, along with lots of Texas pecans, and the Southern pecans definitely beat the Texan pecans. My Atlanta-born-and-bred grandmother tells me that this is because Texan pecans are all seedlings instead of purebred clones. She recommended Mahan pecans, if I have the chance. But back to the issue - what are some champion pecan pies available in Atlanta?

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          1. re: ratatosk

            I moved to the Atlanta area 25 years ago last month - from New Mexico. I have yet to find an outstanding pecan pie around here. If it exists, I too want to check it out. Growing up in New Mexico, my mother always made me a pecan pie for my birthday, instead of a birthday cake. Decent pecan pie is all I have found - although I haven't been passionate about checking every single possibility in the area. Now, I am excited about finding a truly excellent pecan pie.

            1. re: ratatosk

              If you're going south of Macon, into middle GA, try Lane Packing, just outside Warner Robins and Fort Valley in Peach County. From I-75, get off at exit 142 - make a right turn, and go 5 miles west on GA Route 96. Lane Packing is on the right. It's a touristy kind of place - but this place has the best pecan pie AND turtle cheesecake I've ever had.

              And don't get me started on their pecan bars. You have no idea how much effort it takes not to stop there on my way to work... lol


              1. re: ratatosk

                It's been 20 years since I was there, but Mary Mac's Tea Room (on Ponce de Leon, I believe) had really good pecan pie, made with Karo and Bourbon.

                1. re: Potomac Bob

                  alright!-- in athens ga, the GRIT, a vegetarian restaurant near the downtown area, has a naturally talented pie -maker-- and his PE-can pie is amazing-- call ahead tho- this toasted nut goodness sells quickly
                  as a sidenote-- chef Hugh of the NATIONAL started in the kitchen here when he was very young!![17 or 18??]

              2. The original comment has been removed