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May 2, 2007 06:14 PM

Has anyone eaten at Four Food Studio and Cocktail Salon on Long Island?

I never heard of this restaurant in Melville, until now. Any good?

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  1. Went with my husband's family. Food was pretty good. Thought the prices were a bit high. Decor was strange. Looks like it should be closed for renovations from the outside. Front bar area is very modern. First dining room lacks ambiance and the back dining area is just bizarre. Really. It has a curved ceiling so that sound is carried from a one booth to another. We were able to hear every word spoken at a booth that was at least 10 feet away. And it wasn't just audible, it was like it was being broadcast over a speaker right into our ears.

    Service was okay. Beware, some items on the menu come with sides and some do not. Runners brought out our food and we didn't see our waitress again until we asked for her to order a few sides. Generally, I would like to see our server immediately after being served so that they can check whether everything came out correctly and if there are any additional requests.

    Would prefer that they offer to check your jackets upon checking in with the hostess. We were immediately ushered to our table when we got there. Wound up sitting on our jackets in the booth. Then on the way out, I thought I saw a coat check.

    1. I went for drinks and some light fare. Enjoyed it very much. Good looking crowd, nice place. This was before the new celeb chef that's there now. I would assume it's that much better now.