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May 2, 2007 05:58 PM

Best Pecan Pie

There are 3 major pecan-producing states in the US: New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia. New Mexican cooking tends to have a distinct Mexican slant; I've never come across any great Pecan pies there, although they may just be hidden away somewhere. But Texas has a long, proud relationship with the Pecan (it is our state tree, after all), and Georgia is the number one producer of Pecans and is well known for its pies in general.

It seems reasonable, then, to search for the best Pecan Pie in those two states. Personally, I'm cheering for Texas, but I feel that I can't rule out Georgia as a possible dwelling place for the King of Pecan Pies. But for right now, I want to focus on my home state (partly because I estimate that it'll be at least a year before I'm even in a state adjacent to Georgia).

So, any leads? Where in Texas can I get a slice of really great Pecan Pie? Or a whole pie, for that matter. Right now, I can't think of any place to buy a pecan pie better than one I can make at home, but I'm hoping that this project will change that.

Anywhere in or near the state is acceptable. I'd love to find some gems in the Dallas area, but I'm expecting great things from the stretch between Austin and Houston.

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  1. Have to put Royers Round Top (Round Top, TX) way up on the list. The restaurant has been featured in a number of food publications as well as Food TV:

    Also am a big fan of Goode Company's pecan pie in Houston

    1. Hard to believe, but trust me...The pecan pie ( not the chocolate pecan pie, the regular one) at Whole Foods, to me, can't be beat!

      1. The best pecan pie I have found on my travels is at Oliver Pecan in San Saba. The plain pie is great and so is the german chocolate pecan pie. The pecans are so fresh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I have a catalog of theirs and the phone number is 800-657-9291, and they also have a retail store that I always stop at.

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          Doughmonkey in Dallas makes great Pecan Pie, but I think they closed their retail location to do only wholesale now.