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May 2, 2007 05:28 PM

BBQ Caterer needed Central Jersey

A friend of mine in Jackson is looking for a caterer to do BBQ at a house party. Any suggestions for someone in the area? Does anyone know if Front St. in Elizabeth does catering??

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  1. t&L catering in Rahway. They do it all from tents to food. havent used in years but they are definitely around

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        I went to this site. I live close by and yet never know this was there. Will have to and try the place out.

      2. I picked up a business card from a "Broken Arrow" BBQ outfit (no address given, but the phone numbers are in next-door-to-Jackson, Millstone/Clarksburg).

        This seems to be real "cue"-

        "Authentic Wood Smoked Pit BBQ- chicken - ribs- pulled pork - brisket" listed on the card.

        609-259-2880 or 609-661-3692

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          Thanks for all the suggestions I appreciate the help.

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            Also, there's Big Ed's BBQ in Old Bridge............

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              Love Big Ed's, but they don't do off-premises catering.

              In an ad mailer booklet that just arrived this afternoon, two ads for caterers that do bbq parties. I know nothing about either, so "Caveat emptor!"

              BarBeQue Caterers: "We set up! We cook! We clean! You enjoy!" Tel.: 732-367-8227

              Palms Plaza Catering, Park Plaza, 343 Route 34 North, Matawan, Tel.: 732-583-6767

        2. Somewhat related question, I am looking to have a BBQ type party for my 1 & 3 year old birthday party. However my wife and I are repulsed at the thought of 50 people in and out of my house and the subsequent mess. That said we were looking to cater soemthing in an outdoor off premise setting. Any suggestions? It is greatly appreciated. (RGR - If you happen to read this post and on an unrelated note, while I don't like to dine out on Mothers day, we are heading to the Bay SHore Bistro based on a posting I read from you. I'm looking forward to it.)

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            This may not be exactly what you have in mind, but I believe that most of the local day camps will rent out all or a portion of their property for things as large as corporate events or as small as family get togethers. Frogbridge, Ivy League, Black Bear Lake, Country Road, and many more.

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              Hey, angelo04, While Big Ed's does not cater off-premises, I think do parties in the restaurant. For 50 guests, they would probably give over the entire side room to you. We are partial to the ribs -- Delicious! -- but there are lots of other options on the menu. Sides are terrific as well. They have a liquor license. This would certainly be the no muss/no fuss way to go.


              We never go out on Mother's Day, but if anyone can hold up under that onslaught and send out great food, it is Drew! Enjoy! And please report back.

            2. We used CT's Barbecue for a party at my daughter's house last year and were very pleased with the results. The owner is a charming guy. They brought a trailer with a smoker to the location and did a whole pig for us as well as ribs, barbecue and all the fixin's. Enjoyed by eveyone at a reasonable price CT's is located at 920 Hamilton St., Somerset, NJ 732-418-8889

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                We're using Front Street Smokehouse in Elizabeth for a party of about 125. Went to the restaurant and not only is the food authentic and delicious, but the gouys who run the place are great. Good luck.

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                  Thanks for all the help. They went with Front Street as well. My favorite BBQ in the state hands down.