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May 2, 2007 05:18 PM

Snoose Junction in Ballard?


I live in Ballard and just noticed Snoose Junction this morning. Any idea where it came from? When? Is it any good? And do they serve slices? I hear they're open until 3am. Finally! Late night pizza!?

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  1. Very excited for a late night slice, I tried this for the first time last night and was incredibly disappointed. The crust can only be likened to cardboard. I couldn't get through either one of the varieties that we opted for.

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    1. re: savorlicious

      I've been in here a few times--I wanted to give them a fair shot--but they stink and I won't be going back. The slices are usually either a soggy mess or old and gelatinous.
      And the subs! For 7 bucks, I got one 4 inch sausage on a glorified hot dog bun, with lots of red-orange oil but not much sauce. I'd'a felt better if they just took my money and told me to leave. It's too bad too, late night food is so scarce north of the ship canal.

      1. re: savorlicious

        we were excited to try a new pizza place, ordered a pie to go, and were extremely disappointed. terrible crust, not very fresh toppings, and way over-priced (even with coupon)

      2. We must be having good luck because the 2 times that we have stopped in we've had great slices. The crust is crisp and thin which is how I like it.

        BTW it's been open for almost a year. and yes they have slices.

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        1. re: little ms foodie

          I agree I like their pizza. not love but like and it is the quickest meal in ballard. A few slices and I am back to the bar.

          1. re: little ms foodie

            Zagi's does slices too, much better pizza, amazing side salad too, the small (2 people) could easily feed 4 as a side salad, two as a main, or one reall really hungry person.

            1. re: nseattlefoodie

              I absolutely second this recommendation. At its best, Zagi's is the best in town--thin, crispy, and chewy. On off days, it's floppy, but still better than Pagliacci or Snoose (I've had nothing but bad experiences there, see my earlier post up the thread). Zagi's most reliable pizza man wears a big olive drab knit hat over his dreads (I never imagined I'd write such a sentence). Also, try the asiago, basil, garlic, etc slice if they've got it.

              1. re: flams53

                I almost agree whole-heartedly, but I will say that Veraci's pizza is better. Just not regularly able to be got. =)

                1. re: jaydeflix

                  The little place over on 65th NW near 7th on the north side of 65th is about the best pie in Ballard. Only open til about 8pm though.

                  If I want pizza around here at night, typically I'll head down to Tutta Bella on 44th and Stone Way. Plus the salads are way good.

                  Same as Snoose Cardboard Pizza junction though, lotta screaming bambinos at Tutta.

                  1. re: allisonw

                    What is this place?
                    I can't think of a pizza place there...

                2. re: flams53

                  I just wish Zagi's was near something.

            2. We went to Snoose Junction a couple of Sundays ago after the Ballard Market. They are located on Market [?], the water side of the street near the Indian restaurant.

              First I have to say, I really WANTED to like it alot---I love the recycled decor and reading about how they used so many green materials in the construction. And on the menu, things sounded good and it smelled yummy. We did not order the pizza---two sausage subs, 1 meat ball sub and one sort of proscuitto panni. Each came with a small bag of chips. My husband and I also each ordered a beer.

              Overall, the actual food was a bit disappointing. The sandwiches were okay on the taste front but not outstanding and considering the price, not very big. Elder pup inhaled his sandwich and I suspect that if he hadn't had so many tastes at the market, he would have inhaled my sandwich as well. The meatball sub was of the large meatball variety which my husband disfavors. I don't think I got to try the sausage sub. The panni was tasty but I confess I was a bit hungry afterwards. The beers were very tasty.

              Service was fine, the bathroom was clean and the small pup was thrilled by her first attempt at pinball [adaams family]. But in the end, I would have preferred spending the same amount of money at Shi'an where I know I wouldn't have gone away a bit hungry and probably would have had leftovers.

              My initial inclination was to give them another try [to which my husband voted thumbs down] but reading these posts from the last months, the bulk of which seem to come from disappointed customers, makes me inclined to re-think. In a new city, there are so many options, limited number of meals and not much time for mediocre food.