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May 2, 2007 04:52 PM

Great HOT DOGS up and down the state!

Sometimes when I am travelling I wish I knew where a good hot dog place was located...

In Sacramento, Weiner Works on Madison Ave is really good. Beer steamed, long weiners. lots of snap when you bite em. Great buns too and the best fries in Sacramento.

Also on in Auburn (Hiway 49) too.

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  1. Here in Fresno on north Blackstone is Cali's (formerly Caliches) custard.. besides the great frozen custard, they sell 1 dollar Nathan's dogs on seeded buns.. for extra you can get an array of interesting toppings..

    Downtown we also have Coney Island that everyone else in town seems to rave about.. but I found the taste of the coney sauce a little offputting .. way too much of a clove flavor for my taste...but it is my understanding that it is closer to the traditional greek chili sauce that is popular in the midwest and other places..

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    1. re: foodchick45

      Afraid Coney Island has devolved from it's former status. Last visit was probably a year ago, but the chili was the only half-way decent part, the dogs themselves just the long thin skinless supermarket variety on a Rainbow bun. Wonder if anyone has tried one at the Dog House across from CSUF? BTW, where is Cali?

      1. re: PolarBear

        PB, Cali's, or formerly Caliches, is on the northeast corner of Blackstone and Barstow. There is also another store right next to Thai Fusion in the Herndon/Willow shopping center.

        I wonder what brand of dog they use at the DogHouse Grill? We have never ordered a hot dog from there, always one of the sandwiches and fries.

        Link to a report on Cali's:

        1. re: glazebrookgirl

          I've never had a dog at Doghouse either..but I found their hamburgers and fries to be so salty I could barely eat em.. I hear the tri tip sandwich is good though.
          I have also tried Caspar's Dogs in Clovis and wasn't impressed..

          1. re: glazebrookgirl

            Have you tried the stand outside of Lowe's in Fresno? Vienna brand dogs and also brats and polish on poppy seed rolls with Chicago style toppings if you want em..

            1. re: foodchick45

              Hello, thanks for the nice review on Woody's at Lowe's on Blackstone. Yes, all of our dogs are 100% beef, no fillers added. We try to heat kraut on request but sometimes it does not heat well and we prefer to have it fresh rather than in a heat well all day. We also have celery salt, hot sauce and sorano peppers as condiments. Hope you enjoyed your visit, please come again!

            2. re: glazebrookgirl

              Had the chance today to hit both Cali's and the stand in front of Lowe's (x fr River Park) for a comparison. At Cali's I got the chili-cheese dog ala carte ($4.05 w no drink, combo w/ drink and chips or pot. salad is $5.75). The bun was a little weird, not really dense, but gummy is only way I can describe it. The chili was decent but on the skimpy side, more would have probably masked the bread's texture. Cheese was a pre-packaged finely grated white/yellow mix, white onions were uniformly small diced but lacking any real flavor. The Nathan's dog was definitely the best part of the whole thing. Oh yeah, no option other than yellow mustard.

              The stand in front of Lowe's offered hot dogs, jumbo dogs, polish sausage, bratwurst, and a hot spicy one I can't recall the name of. The regular (and jumbo) were regular skinless all beef franks (Vienna, iirc), so went with the polish dog which was as long as their jumbo dog but not much bigger around (used to seeing them much fatter). Condiment tray was minimal, but they did have hand cut red onions with good flavor and a spicy deli style mustard in addition to the yellow. I opted for adding sauerkraut ($0.49) which offered cold or hot (nuked). The bun was fresh and seeded, one of the better ones around, the sauerkraut actually pretty good (didn't come out hot, though), and the polish dog very tasty. Coming in at $3.19 (incl. sauerkraut) have to give it top billing. Will have to try the bratwurst next time.

              1. re: PolarBear

                I most always get the minimal dollar dog at Cali's because I really don't need many condiments with a Nathan's .. (personally I could eat them plain).. sorry to hear that the Lowe's stand doesn't have all the traditional condiments the way they used to.. it's almost impossible to find a true Chicago dog here in Fresno..

            3. re: PolarBear

              Wow. Hey, Fresno pals, when I was growing up there were a couple of places near one of the streets that cut across the downtown "mall" that had "Coney Island Reds". Do those still exist?

              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                Only one that comes to mind Sam, is the old Coney Island place, on Tulare St. just past Fulton (Mall) and the old Gottschalk's bldg on the left side if you're heading toward Chinatown. As I mentioned previously, last visit was kind of a let down, at least in comparison with the foggy memories of the old days. I seem to remember a big yellow sign advertising hot dogs long ago but have no idea where it was/is located. Might have to visit CI again just for nostalgia's sake.

                1. re: PolarBear

                  PB, exactly, that's it! My nostalgia has the red neon sign in the window!

            4. The first BTB was in East LA and their prices were kind of out of line with the neighborhood ($3.95 for a chili dog) in addition the location was hampered by road construction. This was a few years ago and the owner told me he wanted to open several locations in LA. Yes, he was a nice guy and great talker, I wish him well. One of the problems with this first location seemed to be they had very flexible hours....opened when they felt like it? The other strange thing was they had this big sign out front when they first opened that said something like "Voted best hot dog", which I though was a bit bold.

              The hot dog they use is Cantella's which you can get at Tommy's and they sell Cantella brand sausages at Trader Joe's.

            5. Casper's Hot Dogs in Castro Valley and Hayward, CA has been around forever and is devoted solely to hot dogs. They used to crunch and snap when you bit into them, but alas the wonderful quality is no more. Have to go to Germany to get the real thing.

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              1. re: glbtrtr

                Caspers dog have many outlets in the Bay Area. But the snap is gone? OHH NOOO! I have eaten about a bazillion Caspers dogs in the past. love the way they line em up and put the onion, tomato and relish on them with Guldens mustard (a must).
                It has been about two eyars since I last had one though so now you got me worried.

              2. Pink's Hot Dog Stand in L.A. is phenomenal!! :) They even make a low-carb hot dog. They have just about any topping you could ask for.

                1. In Redding, there is a place called Fast Weenies. I think it should win a prize for best name if nothing else. They serve Caspar's dogs that do indeed go snap/crunch. If you get a Caspar's with "everything" it comes with lettuch, tomato, onions, relish, mustard and cheese. I'm not a huge fan of an "everything" dog. They also have assorted hot links etc. Their homemade potato salad is swimming in mayo. Not sure if they qualify in the "great" category, but they are about 2 minutes off I-5 and a diversion from the chains. To get there, take Cypress exit off I-5 and go West. Turn right on Athens Ave and then right on Locust street. Fast Weenies is located in what seems to be a former Fotomat in the parking lot of the shopping center on Locust street (right next to the oil change place.) It's drive thru only at Fast Weenies - no restroom for travelers.

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                  1. re: ThisNThat

                    This isn't a "hot dog place" but this is a place where their "hot dog platter" is good cuz they are huge and the hot dog roll is amazing cuz it's soft and kinda sweet ,can't explain it! u have to try it for yourself! FUDDRUCKERS!!

                  2. In Los Angeles, Carney's has great chili dogs, chili burgers, and fries. There are two locations--one on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City and one on the Sunset strip. Both locations are in railroad cars.

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                    1. re: brandygirl

                      I second Carney's, I love their red eye new yorker, spicy style. Add some chili cheese fries and hot peppers and it's heartattack heaven.