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May 2, 2007 04:32 PM

Frozen Brussels Sprouts

I love roasted brussels sprouts. But since they have gotten fairly expensive (maybe the season?), I am somewhat reluctant to buy them. I saw frozen brussels sprouts and thought that I could roast my usual cauliflower, baby carrots and red onion and then throw in some of these brussels sprouts as the other vegetables were nearly cooked in the oven. I defrosted them in the microwave and did just that -- threw them in the oven with the rest of the mix for about 15 minutes.

They were disgusting. Mushy, watery, and just plain gross.

I now have 1 1/2 bags of frozen brussels sprouts in the freezer. I can just toss them out, but before I do that, is there a better way to use them?


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  1. How about using them in soups, like cabbage?

    1. Don't defrost, first, and roast for longer (try 30-40 min). Use a lower than usual heat setting for most of that time and then turn it up to 425 for the last 10 min. Also, it helps to use a roasting rack and roll the sprouts in good olive oil before sprinkling with salt, garlic powder, and pepper.

      It's still possible to get that nice carmelized / roasted deliciousness with frozen brussel sprouts, I swear.

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        I agree with this - I use frozen brussel sprouts when i roast veggies but I roast them for 25-35 minutes so they brown nicely. 15 minuites wouldn't do anything IMO.

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          I will try roasting them again and see what happens. Thanks!

      2. A very quick "braise" is heavenly. Actually I buy frozen ones for this all the time.
        Use a small amount of very rich chicken stock. Watch carefully so that the sprouts don't scorch. When they are heated through, toss in a knob of butter and toss to coat. The remaining very small amount of stock and butter should emulsify to glaze the sprouts.
        If you wish, add nuts (almonds, pine nuts, water chestnuts, walnuts), herbs (rosemary, nutmeg, parsley, thyme), ham, pancetta, or lemon. You can top with breadcrumbs, maybe some parmesan, and finish in the oven with the rest of your roasted vegetables.
        I prefer these for company meals because they can be reheated in a flash in the MW right in the serving dish. I don't have to spend time away from my guests tending the veggies roasting in the oven.

        1. I have to agree with your assessment. I have found frozen to be bitter, mushy, watery and lacking in the nutty wonderful flavor of fresh Brussels sprouts. I look forward to trying some of these methods to enhance my experience. I love the fresh sprouts, steamed and roasted.

          1. Bumping this very old thread.....
            I lovelovelove fresh brussel sprouts yet they are stupid expensive lately (i know they're in season but nyc's prices are just nonsensical)

            Anyways, i bought and roasted some frozen ones (those are cheap).....and now i understand people who hate brussel sprouts!
            Anyone have brilliant dairy free ideas?

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            1. re: Ttrockwood

              No idea what to do with frozen Brussels sprouts, but wanted to point out that they are not "in season" in New York in January. The season for Brussels sprouts in NY is September through November. Might explain why the fresh ones are "stupid expensive".

              1. re: Springhaze2

                Hmmmm. Well, then what do i know?? Hahaha.... Looks like i'll have to fork over the $$ or rekindle my cabbage love.