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May 2, 2007 03:54 PM

Super Fresh Fish and Hole in the Wall Cuban Food suggestions for Palm Beach and Broward County

My husband and I are visiting relatives in Delray Beach and himself is a serious foodie looking for the true experience of fish right off the boat and super-authentic Cuban or Brazilian Food. Would love any suggetions that don't involve Jimmy Buffet (although I do really like a good cheeseburger in paradise).

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  1. we just came back from eating Cuban at Padrino's in the Mission Bay shopping center in Boca Raton. Excellent - no Jimmy Buffet.

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    1. re: meb903

      there is a great Cuban on Atlantic Ave but the name escapes me, on the north side near the railroad tracks.

        1. re: zook

          ..which is not a hole-in-the-wall and is part of a small NYC/Florida chain. It's upscale, mostly-Cuban pan-Latin. Quite good as such things go, but maybe not what the poster was aiming for.

    2. On Atlantic they opened up a Brazilian place called "Gol" I think... my favorite Cuban in town is on Linton and Federal called Las Vegas, yum!