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May 2, 2007 03:09 PM

Second Date spot, Brooklyn

Hi, I really liked the vibes at PALO SANTO as well as AL DI LA and BAR TOTO and FLATBUSH FARM for first or second dates where you can share some good wine and cheeses and it's low key and if it goes well have dinner there. These places I felt were down to earth and not snobby but good food. Any recommendations here? Bonus for outdoor seating. Is BROOKLYN FISH CAMP a good place for meeting up? Preferably along the R or F lines in Brooklyn. Thank you.

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  1. About a 10 minute walk from the R train in Fort Greene is Chez Lola. The room is really beautiful but relaxed, the prices are good--nothing over $20--and the food is too. They have a lovely back yard with lots of tables, trees, very romantic but casual.

    1. Chestnut (on Smith St. near the Carroll Street Station) provides a quality selection of wines and tasty appetizers like the Haystack Shrimp or the calamari. There is a cheese plate as well. There is a garden, but I'm not sure how regularly it's open.

      Another favorite of mine is Stone Home on Layfayette St. near BAM. They're primarily a wine bar but have added a full menu within the last year or so. It's a warm and cozy environment.

      1. F to Bergen st- Robin Du Bois (Smith st). Great garden in the back. Spotty service, decent food but great boho (did i just say that??) romanticalish ambience. cheese and fruit plate! Small bar.

        F to Carroll st - Frankies (Court st) Garden in back. cheese and chacuterie section on the menu.