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May 2, 2007 03:07 PM

Salt House or Coco 500 to celebrate Bday?


Would you prefer to go to Salt House or Coco 500 to celebrate your bday?

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  1. Salt House. Coco500 is great but it's more casual and less of a special-occasion place, at least to me.

    1. I havent' been to Salt House but I was so disappointed in the food at Coco500 that I'd rather go somewhere new than go back (great drinks though).

      1. Coco is fairly casual, but I found Salt House to be less special than Town Hall. I went to Coco last night and thought the meal was great.

        Fried green beans are always a hit, although I miss the honey mustard sauce from Bizou. My wedge salad was one of the best I've had, four whole slices of crisp bacon drapped across, no bacos or bacon bits here. Pickled onions added a great taste dimension. My dining companion's Cocomole tacos disappeared so fast I can only assume they were acceptable. I had the daily special fish. It was an Alaskan black sea bass (?) served on slightly marinated sliced english cucumbers and diced radishes. Seasonal, fresh and delicious. The report on the flank steak was very good. Entree portions were acceptable, but not large. I had an Aviation Gin (Oregon) martini that was amazing, aromatic enough so as not to require any vermouth. So good that we kept the theme for wines and went with a reasonably priced and very tasty Walla Walla merlot.