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May 2, 2007 02:52 PM

PV restaurant week and other questions

I'm going to be in Puerto Vallarta for the first time during their restaurant "week" (which is actually 2 weeks) and was looking for some recommendations from this lengthy list:

Also, are there any good areas of town to find more authentic and local food? I definitely want to stay away from the touristy chains.

One final question - whenever possible, I try to eat food that comes from local farms and farmers. Is this possible in a resort town?

Thanks so much! I'll report back when I return...

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  1. We like: El Arrayan, Trio, Vitea, Reb Cabbage(not on list, but a favorite), Dac. Dick's--more Californiaized Mexican, Barcelona Tapas. El Arrayan and Red cabbage feature regional specialties, Vitea and Trio are more continental/fusion with Mexican flair. Barcelona Tapas--Spanish tapas with a great view El Arrayan is our favorite--Carmen(owner) re-creates food from her childhood and is a wonderful host and loves to share her love of the foods of her country. I don't know about the source of produce/meat.

    1. We loved Barcelona Tapas (listed as Barcelona on that website). As far as local food, we followed the advice of the Fodor's guide and had a delicious Mexican breakfast in Bucerias at Famar-- much different, less touristy experience than NV or PV. A hike from PV though... but maybe worth it if you plan to spend the day exploring.