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May 2, 2007 02:50 PM

wanted, italian dinner for 16+

I love italian food, and being my bday I've decided to have it with 15 or so of my friends at an italian place. So far I've called


all can't accommodate us because of the party size, or they're booked. I'm wondering if any of you guys could help me with a good Italian place that could accommodate a party of our size for this Friday. Acquello is out of the picture because I don't want my friends to be spending $100+ on a dinner. Should I just show up at A16 and wait? Having never been to any of those listed, much help would be appreciated.

Oh, and even a pizza place is alright because I looove pizza...but not chicago - my friends are not too big of fans of that type. I think in all the pizza threads, people said that most of the good places were "small". Much thanks!!!

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  1. I love italian food, and being my bday I've decided to have it with 15 or so of my friends at an italian place.

    If you don't mind the cost, maybe $50 a head for an excellent, and genuine, Italian dinner with wine, coffee, dessert etc., call Mezzo Mezzo in San Rafael. You'll be very pleased - last night's Wild Boar Carpaccio passed my test.

    It's clean, new, tastefully done. Food's good to outstanding. Was also pleased by dessert last night: Shaved pineapple slices with chocolate drizzle, candied orange peel, and vanilla gelato. Yuuuuuum.

    Service was charming and competant. Hey hey.....

    1. With 16, you are going to have problems. And if you just showed up at A16, the odds are you will not be at the same table. If you are willing to set your sights a little lower, try Il Borgo. When I planned the chowdown, I asked what the max sized group he could take and he said something like 30...

      1. I doubt A16 would accept a walk-in party of 16.

        Pauline's Pizza is a fun and affordable place that can easily handle a party that size.

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        1. Food at Sociale is not quite at the level of Incanto or A16, but the room is more intimate and a party of 16 might actually be able to hear one another; good wine list, accommodating service. Charming covered outdoor space with heat lamps as well.

          1. I'd call Luella and Capaninna