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May 2, 2007 02:49 PM

Adventures in Johnson County (KS)

I thought maybe we could use this thread for discussing our adventures in Johnson County- I know there are a few of us JoCo residents out there!

We have been mostly cooking at home lately, but with the advent of later working hours this week, we ate out quite a bit- some not so adventurous moments- Chick Fil' A, and some adventurous moments- One Bite Japanese Grill. (Still love me some Chick Fil' A though!) We tried the pork dumplings, pork and cheese dumplings, chicken terayaki, spareribs, and bacon wrapped scallop "lollipops". The dumplings were the best I've ever had... anywhere! They were the most tender I've ever had- really, really good! The spareribs and scallops were great as well- the scallops were high quality and perfectly cooked, something that I rarely find here in KC. The terayaki was so-so... not a whole lot of flavor. The food was running a little slow, but I kind of like that pace for tapas and izakayas- the staff could not have been more apologetic about that. It's a tiny place, but very nicely done interior. The drinks looked especially good, but I would have been snoring in my dumpling sauce if I had had even one! We will definitely be back- the husband wants to work his way through the menu one by one! Next on our list is Jerusalem Cafe.

One Bite Japanese Grill
Address: 8602 W 133rd St, Overland Park, KS 66213
Phone: (913) 897-9388

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  1. Thanks for the review, Katie! I've been meaning to try One Bite since I drove past a couple weeks ago. We've only eaten at Bo Ling's for lunch and Spin a couple times lately, very much the old familiars So, nothing new to report on...

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      I also can vouch for One Bite Japanese Grill . . .it's like taking the bullet train from KC to Tokyo the minute you step inside the place. One of the darling little owners took my order and looked at my dinner date and I and said in the sweetest way: "Oh, you order way too much food, you cannot eat so much at once." We laughed so hard we nearly cried. Finally I looked at her and said: "You clearly do not know who you are dealing with." She brought it all, we ate it all and it was just terrific food. I am with Katie on the scallops . . .they have the biggest, sweetest most perfectly cooked scallops in KC. Get on the train.

      1. re: jvergara

        I LOVE the owner... she has to be the cutest woman ever! :-) I hate to admit it, but we've been back 4 times now! (They always tell us we order too much!) The fried chicken has been my favorite thing so far, and I'm not usually big on chicken!

        1. re: Katie Nell

          Fried chicken . ..wait, let me get my notepad. That will be what I have next at One Bite. I did speak with both of the darling gals the last time I was there and I know it must be culture shock to them to see all of us rolling into their small plate, grab a bite and a drink, Japanese tavern concept and load up like we are at our family reunion picnic. Ha! By the way did you check out the Men's Haircut place a couple doors down, Spanky's or something . . . what in the world??!!!?? Do you get your hair cut by strippers while drinking a rum and coke? Makes me want to walk in an demand a haircut to see what they would say to a woman.

      2. re: amyzan

        I went to "One Bite" last Friday. It was great! I had the Okonomi-yaki. It was very good (a little on the heavy side though). I plan to take a small group of friends there this Friday for dinner. They lived in Japan for a couple years, so I am looking forward to their input.

      3. WOW! I mean, WOW! I'm so pleased to say we got to One Bite tonight after a day of shopping. They open at 4:30, at which point we were ready for some refreshment. The owner met us at the door and was very gracious asking if the wind made for difficult driving, so sweet. We had a nice conversation with her and ordered tea, the fried chicken (kara age) salad, and a modan okonomiyaki with chicken. (This was PLENTY of food for two women.) I get the impression they may be struggling for a customer base, based on our conversation. She was curious where we lived, and I told her I'd heard about One Bite here. I know we'll be back because the food was great, just fantastic, definitely on par with the Japanese I've had in San Francisco and San Diego, even better than a few Japanese meals I've had on the west coast. I particularly liked the fried chicken salad, as all the ingredients were clearly freshly prepared, and that creamy dressing is delish. I like that she uses fried noodles on top of the okonomiyaki instead of katsuobushi (dried skipjack or tuna flakes), which seems considerate of less adventuresome eaters (like my dining companion!) She said you can get the katsuobushi if you like, but I like her inventive substitution. We could barely finish it all, but I wish I'd had room for a mochi ice cream. Maybe next time...

        1. I'm just passing through JoCo, staying with friends in Overland Park, but my chow-dar was really on tonight, because I happened across a Korean place that would hold its own against anything we've got in NYC. Really. It's Choga in 103 Metcalf Plaza, tucked behind a Subway and Wal-Mart, and I'm not sure what made me even turn in there, thinking I would find something.

          Choga has gotten a little coverage in past threads here, but nothing recent, and nothing that does justice to how wonderful it is.

          Now, admittedly, I've only been once and only had one dish -- stone bowl bibimbop -- but it was GREAT. Really fresh vegetables, really hot stone bowl to cook everything, very generous portion, excellent, plentiful side dishes (which have a name in Korean that I'm forgetting). The menu had other dishes that looked really promising -- not just the usual stand-bys -- and the barbecue that other people were getting looked good. I'm confident they'd execute anything they tried pretty well, though maybe others out there can weigh in and tell me if that's accurate. There were only Koreans in the restaurant when I was there, which I think is a good sign.

          It's no place to go for ambience -- even by strip mall standards -- but that, too, is part of its authentic, ethnic, food-focused charm. If you like Korean food, or if you're not familiar with it but are overdue to check it out, hustle on over to . . .

          Choga Korean Restaurant
          6920 W 105th St
          Overland Park, KS
          (913) 385-2151

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          1. re: fmogul

            "Panchan" I think is the word you're looking for. Sounds terrific....thanks for the tip!

            Was the barbecue grilled over live goals or gas?

            1. re: Aaron Deacon

              Rightrightright -- panchan, of course! They included (forgive me for not knowing names) good baked tofu thing, a good mushroom omellete thing, sprouts, radishes, kimchi (of course) and more. Quantity and quality! Two people could split an entree and be just fine.

              Didn't look closely at the bbq setup since I only partook of bibimbop. I'm pretty sure it was gas. Go and check it out!

              1. re: fmogul

                I've had lunch there and really enjoyed it. We both got bimbimbop, not the dolsot kind, but a more salady mixture. I asked to have chicken instead of beef even though it wasn't on the menu, and they graciously accomodated me. I want to go back for dinner, but must admit we are on a budget for dining out this month. I may not have much new to report in June for this reason, boo hoo.

                1. re: amyzan

                  I haven't been to Choga or the other Korean places in KC, so I don't know how Chosun Korean BBQ would stack up. It's in the Metcalf 127 strip mall, south of the OP Costco and St.Luke's hospital. They only have 2 appetizers, no desserts and they only serve soju alcohol, but they're all about meat. They do have vegetarian entrees, but quite frankly, who does Korean and just gets veggies? You go for the MEAT! Specifically, BEEF!

                  I went there last night for dinner and pigged out on meat. We got the dolsot bibimbap (stone bowl) and it formed that delightful crispy rice crust. We also got the bulgogi which initially was great, but thinking about other bulgogi I've had, it was not as good. And we also got the yangnyum galbi(beef short ribs) to cook on the table gas grill which were delicious. It came with another salad, lettuce leaves, a small bowl of really good rice. Course, there were couple of banchan side dishes which were really good, specifically the 2 tofu ones. I don't know if it is customary if banchan dishes are refilled at Korean restaurants, but it would have been nice if they refilled the tofu ones, though I probably would have eaten their entire stock.

                  The service was excellent, the waitress actually tended the rib grilling (which is good, because we had no clue how long to cook it) and she cut the pieces up for us and refilled our salad bowls. Probably if we had a clue about the grilling, she would have let us do it, but we were thankful that she helped us out in a way that wasn't intrusive at all. They were the nicest people, we didn't realize that they left the check on the corner of the table and they weren't rattling dishes which a lot of places do when it's almost closing time. It wasn't busy at all on a Friday night which surprised me.

                  So if you're feeling anemic or carnivorous, head on over to Chosun.
                  913-339-9644. They're closed on Sundays.

                  Chosun Korean BBQ
                  12611 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66213

          2. My son lives near downtown Overland Park, so we are able to eat in Johnson County whenever we visit him. He claims he doesn't know how to boil water - so he usually eats out. We believe him, and eat in a different restaurant for each meal during our visits. I would recommend (in no particular order):

            Il Trullo
            Avelluto's Italian Delight, 6522 Martway, Mission
            Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, 11950 S Strang Line Rd, Olathe (119th & I-35)
            Casa Paloma, 8220 Metcalf, Overland Park
            Fiorello's Jack Stack, 95th and Metcalf
            Farm to Market Neighborhood Restaurant, 7921 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park

            Now, after reading these posts, we will have more to check out on our next visit.

            1. Not new, not new to us, and not even new to this thread, but we went to Il Trullo Saturday night and it was really good, as usual. We tried to go to JP Wine Bar, but they were closed for renovations, even though the website did not mention that- frustrating! Then, we decided to go to The Drop but they were packed (which I'm glad to see)! Then, we tried to find a parking space in Westport to try out One80, but no such luck! Chris was so frustrated by that point (very unusual for him) that he just wanted to go to Popeye's, and then I was frustrated with him because I did not get dressed up to eat at Popeye's! So, I said what about Il Trullo? That had him! Anyway, long story, but we ended up getting over our frustrations and enjoying the evening! I thought they had changed to a 3-course menu and had done some renovations, but it didn't look like it?? Maybe I remembered wrong? We started with the appetizer special which was smoked salmon, oranges, and fennel in a vinaigrette- this was just okay and I was a little worried that it was just going to be a bad evening. It was definitely missing something. Chris had the pork bistecca with polenta and broccoli raab, and loved it- there was not a speck left on the plate! I had the tagliatelle with pulled pork and tomato sauce- this was definitely a stick to your ribs kind of meal and perfect for a rainy night! It was really great! I also had the caesar salad- a REAL caesar salad: anchovies, egg yolk, and all! And, for dessert, Tiramisu- don't care what anyone says, it will always be one of my favorite desserts, and they have the best in town! At least it's not as ubiquitous as creme brulee! ;-) And with the tiramisu, our moods were lifted! Here, here for a great restaurant on the home front!

              Il Trullo
              9056 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66212

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                Ah, stupid me... I didn't look under the "news" section on JP's website... I expected a flashing banner on their first page announcing they were closed until July 11th! Oh well, better luck next time!