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May 2, 2007 02:32 PM

Best restaurants in Quebec City

I'm going to Quebec City in June to celebrate my 25th anniversary and have 3 nights available for great restaurants. I would love some suggestions. I searched Chowhound and Google and get the usual Laurie Raphael, Initiale, Panache and Toast. Any comments about these or other recommendations would be appreciated.



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  1. Can't go wrong with any of those you listed. My husband and I celebrated our honeymoon and anniversary in QC in March for the past 2 years. We tried Laurie Raphael, the food is fantastic, the atmosphere is lacking. They have the the tables very close together and it really made us feel as if we were at a table of 6-8, not the romantic table for 2 we wanted. Perhaps if you reserve a table by the window, this could be avoided.

    We highly recommend Le Saint Amour. You can't be the foie gras and I had a butterfish carpachio that might be the most amazing food I've ever eaten. Additionally, the staff was warm and knowledgeable without being clingy or obtrusive. If you enjoy seafood, I've heard mixed reviews on Marie Clarisse at the foot of the fenicular, but our meals there have always been wonderful. It is a very relaxed atmosphere.

    I also recommend a trip to Erico's Chocolate Shop for some hot chocolate and chocolates. We were there in winter, so it was a daily walk for us to try another mix of cocoa.

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      Laurie Rapahel and Panache are sure bets.

      You can also consider l'Utopie where the chef is very creative. They also have a very good list of wines (

      For a romantic place, try Le Patriarche. Their specialities are the wild games and i rave about their lobster bisque (

      I live in Quebec city and going to restaurant is my passion. There is a lot of good place in this town, and i have to say a lot of greater places than Saint-Amour. Few years ago it was the best restaurant in town, but now ...

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        While we're on the subject...I will also be in Quebec City in early June, and was planning to visit some of the restaurants mentioned above (esp. Laurie Raphael). However, two of the three nights we will be there will include Sunday and Monday - are any of these places open then?

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          Last time I was in Quebec City we ate at Le Panache in Auberge St-Gabriel on a Sunday Night. It was a great experience, amazing food, service and romantic atmosphere. It has become our favorite Quebec City restaurant by far! Be sure to ask for a table with a corner banquet, the coziest with plush pillows all around, total luxury.

          1. re: Nanbanane

            Just so you know, it's Auberge St-Antoine...not Saint-Gabriel! ;-)

            I completely second Vabou in everything. I would add Monte Cristo at the Château Bonne Entente and Café du Clocher Penché for a casual lunch.

          2. re: cherylmtl

            Unfortunately, Laurie Raphael is close sunday and monday ( But, Panache is open every night (

      2. I love Quebec City and have visited several times, always in the summer. The restaurant that sticks in my mind (and is not mentioned here) is A la Bastille Chez Bahuaud, on the Rue Ste-Genevieve in Vieux Quebec. Imaginative menu and nice staff. Try to get a table in the tree-shaded garden, and try the delicious garlic soup.

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        1. re: hotar

          Sorry Bahuaud has closed more than a year ago. The closing went silent, the building and terrasse are all there, lonely and forgotten, quite a shame in this beautifull hidden diplomatic area of town... The place would make for a beautifull new hotspot.

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            Also, I do not live in QC but am there every 10 days for a few nights and I would not recommend St-Amour, touristy, ridiculous prices too.

            1. re: peloquma

              Have to say I agree about the St-Amour.