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May 2, 2007 02:22 PM

The Grocery Game,has any one tried it?

There has been some story's on the news here about this ,and i would like to know if it is really worth the money to join?

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  1. I haven't participated in anything like this personally -- but it looks like it's coupon dependant, and thus pretty much limited to stuff you can get coupons for. Maybe good for household items like tp and so forth -- but how much of the food you buy is that kind of food?

    Not a whole lot around here - it wouldn't be worth it to me, when I have an aldi's nearby.

    1. I was using it weekly for awhile when things were really tight- actually a few years ago now. I was paying about 25-40% for groceries- thats $25-40 for usually more than $100 worth of groceries. I shopped at a Ralphs here in So Cal (Kroger in the rest of the country) where they doubled coupons. That store near me closed and the other stores stopped doubling coupons so I haven't really used the site since. It was really great and I'd recommend using it if money is tight and you aren't too picky about the food you get. This saved our lives when my husband was laid off of work. The site is definitely worth the money to subscribe as long as you use it. They tell you what the great buys are without coupons like produce and meat as well as great buys with coupons. This was great for me and saves time in paying attention to the ads. They have a really easy and quick system. They also have an "in" to the unadvertised ads and include those in their list. I would regularly get free items, and Colgate toothpaste for 25 cents. Canned food was a regular item- chilis, veggies, fruit, beans, as well as salsas, shampoo's, frozen items, etc. I would stock up on things just because they were so cheap. Some weekends aren't so good for shopping but others are excellent so you just kind of have to wait it out. The stores put things on sale in cycles. It really saved me when my husband was on unemployment. Just my experience, and it helped to have a store nearby that doubled. I always felt great loading up my car with my bags and bags of $150 worth of stuff that I spent $50 on.

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      1. This site is free, and a great way to save money. It's also a nice board for CNET to emulate (powered by vBulletin). We desperately need our search engine back too while we're on the subject. I still don't understand why they're reinventing the wheel back there in CNET Chowhound development.


        1. This site does the same thing, but its free:
          Click on "Grocery Deals by State". You have to register, but it's free. For my area, they provided more stores than grocery game.

          1. I know of the website but I never used it. I did it on my own, clipping coupons and comparing it to the ads - I guess the oldskool method. I also had a little organizer that held my coupons, organized by the store aisles, with the oldest coupons in front so I would use those first.

            I would get the sunday paper early in the morning, cut out all the coupons, and then scan the store ads and compare. (Took about 20 mins in the morning with my coffee). The key of course is to use coupons on items that are already on sale, so you maximize your savings. Doubling coupons is also a must.

            There were several reasons that I stopped doing this:
            - After the big supermarket strike in the Los Angeles area a few years ago, the papers didn't really issue many coupons and therefore halted my buying process.
            - Stores in Southern Cal used to allow you to use up to three of the same coupon, so you could get three identical items, with three identical coupons. Made it easier to stock up that way. Then they cut it down to only 1 item with 1 coupon. No more triples.
            - Now, many of the grocery stores where I live don't even double the coupon - so even with the sale price, and then the $0.40 off or so, its the same price as going to a Target or Walmart. I might as well use the coupons there.

            Therefore, if your area still allows up to 3 items and allows double coupons, its totally worth it for items that you can stock up on. Paper products, soaps, detergent, baby products, shampoo / conditioner, soup, canned food, frozen foods, boxed snacks, cereal, etc.

            My best job was a $180 bill and I paid $20.