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uWink, I sigh . . . (Review + pics)

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Full review + photos here:

Tired of waitstaff trying to upsell you everything from appetizers to desserts, taking down the wrong orders or just rudely interrupting one moment, only to disappear when you need service? Perhaps you're on a first (maybe blind) date and afraid of the seemingly endless silence or generic & cheesy icebreakers. Or, like me, you may just be dining solo and forgot to bring your mp3 player/BlackBerry/book to kill time while waiting for your food appear.

Those are exactly the kind of problems uWink try to solve by replacing servers with a touchscreen computer screen on each and every table. Simply punch in your order and an expediter will bring out your grub. You can even play a few games on the screen while you wait; think of it as an adult Chuck E. Cheese, with less kids running amok and no giant rat costumed entertainer scaring everyone (coincidentally, the company is founded by Chuck E. Cheese's former CEO).

The idea of no annoyance and fun-while-you-wait sounds too good to be true, and so, I made it a point to check out the place the next time I'm in the San Fernando Valley, which was this past weekend.

The recently opened restaurant is at the Westfield Promenade in Woodland Hills, one of the smallest L.A. malls around (only one anchor department store - Macy's) and quite desolate for a Saturday afternoon. After some store browsing, I hopped in.

Indeed, there were computer screens everywhere - at the bar, at the table, and the host stands. I was promptly given a seat and a uWink card (which I have to swipe along the side of the screen everytime I order something) and was free to order away.

The computer menu is pretty intuitive easy-to-navigate, though the touchscreen is not always precise (reminds me of the PhotoHunt game: "I TAPPED ON THE RIGHT SPOT, DAMN IT!") so I'm glad that a card swipe is needed to place an order.

As for the menu items themselves? meh, basically upscale diner fare and nothing too exciting - so I settled for a wild mushroom burger on wheat bread with a side of sweet potato fries. I was pleased that every option imaginable can be entered in, great for my more finicky pals who want to go light on this, extra that, with a little something on the side.

Now that I've ordered, time to dive into the fun & games. There are several dozen to choose from, from horoscopes & love detectors to quiz shows and puzzles. You can also view movie trailers (co-marketing revenue?). Most of the games are free, there are a few premium & prize games you have to pay for (including a wine tasting challenge, with a 3-glass flight for $10). I played a few free games, and spent $1.50 trying to win a dessert before my food arrived.

I wish I had better things to report about the food: The burger wound up being way too greasy with its slathering of mayo, cheese, sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions, and I can barely taste the mushrooms. The sweet potato fries turned out to be overcooked and soggy. Even giving the benefit of the doubt that it may be the kitchen's off-day, the expediters should know better than to bring out fries that looked practically like charcoal.

There were other indicators that the front-of-house staff may not be at its best that day; even with the clear instructions I provided on the touchscreen, a few service-related mishaps occurred with my order, including being brought hot coffee when I ordered iced and being served another table's order. And from the observing neighboring tables, there was quite a bit of flagging around by other diners to get service - I'm not sure if they needed some corrections too or if they aren't aware that they can punch in drink refills or bus tables on the screen. Oh, the irony of us actually missing our human servers.

And probably the biggest annoyance of all, while noshing I decided to sign up for the uWink club (who knows, maybe a free dessert on my birthday can lure me back). After punching in all my contact information on the not-so-accurate touchscreen (every third key I used was "Backspace" or "Clear"), I found out the "Submit" button doesn't work! Great . . .

I don't think I need the results of a computer tarot reading to tell me whether I'll be returning anytime soon.

But honestly, it was an interesting dining experience -- maybe if I went with a group it would be more fun and food would be less of a factor. And given the success of other dining-entertainment establishments like Dave & Busters, GameWorks and, yes, Chuck E. Cheese's -- the food, really, just need to be "not bad"; the target audience aren't foodies, but families and young adults looking for a place to get some decent bites, maybe a few drinks and have some fun w/o having to scope out another venue.

So it may still be worth a shot to try -- just keep the food & service expectations low. Just like the Chuck E. Cheese pizzas.

Westfield Promenade
6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd. 2310
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 992-1100


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  1. Ugh, sounds really depressing. There isn't much reason to go to that mall other than the occasional movie, especially now that nearby Topanga Plaza has been seriously upscaled. Is uWink where the Ruby's (I think?) used to be? Or the Wolfgang Puck Cafe? For anybody who watched Top Chef season 2, is this the space where they opened the two restaurants (the diner and the Italian place)?

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      It's upstairs where Reata Grill used to be.

    2. I went several weeks ago and was not impressed. I had the halibut which was dry as a bone and didn't smell fresh. Pretty stinky. I miss the human interaction with the wait staff as well. Most of the employees there were under 20 and lacking any flavor, just like my fish.

      1. I've been to Uwink a couple of times and I really like it. The things I dont like about it is that for not having any interaction with a person as far as service goes...they are overpriced. Their food is good but overpriced. The games are fun but always seem to have a glitch and there arent many free games that are good.

        1. Its kinda gimmicky, but if you don't got there too often, maybe once every 6 months then the place can be pretty entertaining. Just don't go there expecting the best of foods, just a fun casual chatting environment.

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          1. I believe I've eaten there a total of three times. Each time I went, I convinced myself that I just ordered the wrong thing, and that they'd prepare something else better. So it went and I tried their pasta, burgers, and pizzas. Each time the food quality was just as disappointing. Over, under, cooked, seasoned, soggy, dry, generally some combination of those terms described the food. And I don't expect much from a place like that, I just expect properly enough cooked decent diner fare.

            I really like the idea of the place. It's ridiculously casual, I get the exact level of service and human contact I desire, and the dumb games they offer can get pretty fun, plus I love a prize once in a while. Considering their prices are cheap, but just not cheap enough to qualify their really bad food, I don't think I'll return.