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May 2, 2007 02:03 PM

Lafayette, Indiana....places to eat

We're planning on a trip to Lafayette this Saturday (May 5th) to Sunday (May 6th). It was a last minute trip idea. We've drove through downtown and other areas but unfort. we weren't able to stop.

Can anyone recommend places to eat in Lafayette. We're a family of 3, which includes an 8 year old boy. We don't want anything fancy but more than just chain resturant. We're open to all cuisines.

Also, any ideas of where to stay or things to do or see while we are there would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. In Lafayette, go Downtown and try the Lafayette Brewing Company (6th and Main), good beer and decent bar-type food, and it's usually noisy enough to bring kids to without much trouble. If your little guy is patient, Kokoro had great Sushi and Asian food, but Tony takes his time and dinner can last awhile. It's on Main also. La Scala is further down Main across from the courthouse and has classic Italian fare.

    Go across the river to WL and the XXX is on Hwy 26 going up the hill (big orange and brown buildling), typical diner with their own root beer and decent burgers. Right after you cross the river on Hwy. 26 there's Wabash LAnding, which has Scotty's Brewhouse (sports bar), Dick's Texas BBQ, and Nine Irish Brothers (newer Irish pub, you can bring in Kids during lunch weekdays or I believe lunch on Sunday). Sofra is a newer Turkish place, but I"ve heard that you should avoid their buffet. Go up the hill, and there's a few small ethnic places like Joo Joo (korean), En Lai (Chinese), and Basil Thai (my fave, great curries). THose three are in the Village, and have no ambiance but great food. Go up the hill on Hwy 26, take a right immediately after the Chipotle, and go around the block to Northwestern Ave.. to get to Khana Khazana. Great Indian food, lunch and dinner buffet. Yum!

    Just a warning, this week is finals at Purdue, so in the evenings in WL you may get lots of partying Purdue students and a fair amount of students and their parents going out to eat. Your best bet would be to stay at one of the hotels out on Hwy 26 near the interstate. On the other hand, campus will not be too busy so you can look around at the horticultural gardens and the fountains, and your little guy can run around and stretch his legs. The Farmers Market is downtown Lafayette on 5th street on Sat. morning. Sat. nite the Wolf Park out in Battleground has their Wolf Howl...never been so I can't say if it's any good!!

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      Thank you so much for the information, its truely helped. Have a great day!

      If anyone else has any other suggestions please post as we do plan on taking more trips to the area this year.

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        I would second lots of ChristineS' suggestion. If you like sushi, definitely visit Kokoro - but the wait can be long (even though most of the time it's worth the wait) - try his blue crab fried rice.
        My addition would be Blue Nile restaurant (across from Khana Khazana) - quite secluded but good food. Olive House behind Chipotle is also quite good. Both are mediterranean food.
        Another favourite is Heisei Restaurant on Sagamore Parkway. Overall good food and cozy athmosphere with reasonable price. I heard their seafood comes on Tuesdays.
        On 26, there's a Cali/Mex restaurant called Baja Peninsula. Personally for me, they have the best brunch offerings!!

    2. River City Depot - a serious hot dog place
      Buck Creek Pizza - pizza that has a lot of processed stuff, about as fresh as pizza hut, but it actually really good
      Harry's - great fries, watch out for the crowd
      South Street Smokehouse - cheap BBQ, way better than Dicks

      I would avoid La Scala, Bistro 501, Maize, Lafayette Brewing Company, Sofra, Spurlocks, and Nine Irish Brothers.

      That doesn't leave much. I haven't ate out in two and a half months.

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        This is an old thread, but since there's not much on my new hometown of Lafayette, I thought I'd update it. I went to Kokoro last week and was decidedly unimpressed with the sushi. Sorry to be contradictory, but honestly I sat at the sushi bar and almost had to leave because it was dirty and disorganized, not exactly the ideal setting for raw food. I had three pieces of nigiri which were OK but expensive and two sushi rolls that were fairly tasteless and falling apart so that I could barely eat them. That and a glass of wine cost nearly $35. Tony the owner was snapping at his staff and I smelled cigarette smoke coming from the kitchen. I won't go there again!
        By contrast I went to Heisei in West Lafayette tonight. The restaurant is lovely, very traditionally furnished, and the food was great. I had fresh delicious nigiri, including two pieces of otoro, which is hard to come by in the midwest. And two very nice sushi rolls, all for under $20. The place was immaculate and the service was congenial. So I say, if you are looking for sushi in this part of the world, skip Kokoro and give Heisei a try.
        More to come as I learn my way around town (but not sushi, there's only three real sushi places and the other isn't worth mentioning!)

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          i'm a sushi n00b, but i got the same feeling from kokoro. it seems like its seriously hyped up around town.

          1. re: Danimal

            Never been to kokoro, but for great sushi head to Bea One on Lafayette - we go every time we're down for Purdue home games, it's a tad expensive, but worth it!

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              I was in Lafayette in May and I ventured to XXX. It looks very divey, but the burger, fries and shake were DIVINE. I would definitely call ahead, and be careful getting in and out of the parking lot, it's on a steep hill.

              1. re: brendastarlet

                I went to Bea One last week and enjoyed it. The atmosphere is lovely and the sushi was very good. A bit on the expensive side, but the fish was very fresh and they have some creative sushi rolls. My special requests were accommodated.

                A note on La Scala. I've eaten there twice and in my opinion the main dishes are as good as any Italian food I've had in Indy (which isn't the highest bar I know) but I thought it was good for what it is. A good American Italian family type restaurant.

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                PS payless (the local kroger derivative) always has really cheap steaks, pork, and chicken as loss leaders. thats my opitistic input.