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May 2, 2007 01:57 PM

Grand Rapids, MI

Is there anywhere to eat in Grand Rapids, MI?

I'm going to a wedding there this summer but the night I fly in (Friday) I won't be getting in until 8:30-9:30pm. So I was wondering if there was anywhere open around that time with decent food? I'll be with my boyfriend who tends not to like greasy, trans-fat friend type a sub shop or the sorts is out of the question.


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  1. Had an excellent meal at San Chez downtown a few months ago. It's a tapas place with lots of wine--should be open pretty late.

    1. Grand Rapids has quite a good assortment of dining options for a relatively small city. My favorite is Leo's, which specializes in seafood and is located downtown:

      Leo's Restaurant
      60 Ottawa NW
      Grand Rapids MI 49503
      Open till 10 pm Monday-Thursday, till 11 pm Friday-Saturday

      Also consistently excellent is Bistro Bella Vita, for Italian food downtown:

      Bistro Bella Vita
      44 Grandville Ave. SW
      Grand Rapids MI
      Open till 10 pm Monday-Thursday, till 11 pm Friday-Saturday, till 9 pm Sunday

      There is a group of restaurants all over the GR area called the Gilmore Collection. You can find a complete list, with links to the websites of the individual establishments, on their website at I've been to several of them (Blue Water Grill northeast of downtown, Gill's Blue Crab downtown, Rose's on Reed Lake on the east side, and Thornapple Daily Grill east of town) and all are consistently excellent. Beware of long waits on Saturday nights at Rose's on Reed Lake (I don't know whether they accept reservations). Rose's on Reed Lake serves food till 11 pm Monday-Saturday, till 9 pm Sunday. You can look up hours for the other Gilmore restaurants on their website.

      San Chez, the tapas place mentioned above, is open till 10 pm Sunday-Thursday, till midnight Friday-Saturday.

      You can find a fairly complete list of restaurants throughout the Grand Rapids metro area on the website of the Grand Rapids/Kent County Convention & Visitors Bureau at

      1. If you don't mind the bar scene there are a couple of great bars that have wonderful food and beer selections. Graydons on plainfield and Leonard. Chambridge house on Monroe. There is also a new one on Commerce(?) right downtown called Hop Cat that I haven't tried the food yet but the menu seems pretty decent. And of course Sanchez/Mezze has amazing food (we actually rented our the mezze side and had our wedding recp. there) they have the best tapas.

        1. Hopcat downtown is good, we've had both drinks and food there. Fancy bar food.

          You don't say where you're staying, so if you at least give a location I can suggest places to eat.

          For now, near the airport you would have good luck at Tuscan on 28th St. SE; Naya on East Paris SE, and Cascade Roadhouse at 28th and Cascade. Bar Louie at Woodland Mall is pretty good too.

          Downtown eateries have already been mentioned.

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          1. Try The Green Well on Cherry in Eastown. Delicious, different, and some comfort food and some healthier options. It's the best meal I've had in a good time. Check out the menu online. They'll be open late on Fridays.