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Cut - Best items on the menu!

I am going to Cut on Saturday night for my husband's birthday - I have scoured the message boards to figure out what I should order. So far here is what I got:

Apps: bone marrow flan, crab and lobster salad, foie gras in the tunisian tuiles, Kobe Sashimi, asparagus salad on brioche with bacon dressing

Steak: dry aged 35 day NY sirloin steak - keeping in mind that we are not going to spend the $$$$ on the Kobe steak - just bought a house and this is a little too much to splurge on dinner :)

Sides: mushrooms & corn - seemed to be very mixed reviews on the potato dishes?

Dessert: Didn't seem to be one that everyone liked and I figured these might be different anyway?

So are these the best things?? Let me know which ones are definite must orders, or any other items that you feel strongly about.

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  1. I really like the bone-in filet mignon there, but then which cut of steak is best is such a personal choice.

    I didn't really care much for the sides, nothing really stood out as a "must have". Although the onion rings were quite tasty.

    Alas, no more foie gras there. Oh well...

    1. the creamed spinach w/egg on top

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        I really liked that dish. We had a porterhouse, but I believe it was a special that night -- an American waygu porterhouse if I'm remembering correctly. Had a very nice beet salad to start.

      2. The Potato Tart Tatin is great.

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          Agree. For apps, the baby lobster/crab cocktail, or salads..desserts, all beautiful. :) enjoy!

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            went tonight for my birthday. very good. what i loved...the tuna tartare, the dry aged ny (14 oz was better than the 10oz), the white asparagus salad. there were so many things i wanted to try...next time. wine - get a malbec

            1. I'd go with the crab n lobster salad, the aspargus, and split a 6 oz. Kobe with some good wine.

              1. love the onion rings but not the other sides
                loved the super fresh salad
                loved the steak. i had a usprime filet from the midwest i think and i asked them to hold their seasoning.

                1. Go for the biggest dry-aged and bone-in cut you can handle. The flavoring that properly done dry-aging imparts on a bone-in cut is superb. While Kobe sounds glamorous and impressive on paper, in reality it is much too fatty, bland, and rich a cut to be enjoyable as a full steak

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                    Totally agree about the Kobe.

                    Much better left to be sliced thin for shabu-shabu, than to be eaten in large chunks as a full-on steak.

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                      Also agree about Kobe as a full steak--just too much to be pleasurable after the first few bites.

                      And I generally agree about the "biggest and bone-in" rule. However, I also have to note that, at our recent family meal at Cut, the porterhouse my dad & I split was really not all that special. Overcooked and not wildly tasty. Honestly, I thought the best entree at our meal was the 3-lb pan roasted lobster, the majority of which was happily consumed by PayOrPlay Jr. (who acquitted himself remarkably well in his first high-end restaurant appearance). I thought the bone marrow flan was outstanding but not everyone else agreed. The salads as a group went over pretty well, as did the superb rhubarb sorbet dessert (the cheesecake was less impressive).

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                        Modified agreement on Kobe (steak). It is too much and too rich, but it is great if you split it 3-5 ways as a middle course.

                    1. I did't care for the desserts.