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May 2, 2007 01:10 PM

Ethiopian Restaurants in Seattle?

Would like to hear your recommendations.....I don't know much about this cuisine....are the restaurants pretty varied or do they serve similar dishes?

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  1. The restaurants all have the same basics, usually starting with the veggie platter is a good place for a newbie. As you get more into it you can work up to kitfo (raw ground beef with berebere spice and butter) and other more interesting dishes.

    My fav is actually Eritrean, which is the same thing for all practical purposes, Dahlak, on ranier.

    1. I just went to Queen Sheeba on Cap Hill and it was really good. They had a veggie combo and a meat combo. My group of 3 got those 2 dishes and they were excellent. Try the Ethiopian beer also.

      1. I've had very good meals recently at Mesob on 14th and Jackson, and Awash in Columbia City.

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          Mesob is at 14th and Jefferson, actually, and yes... they're very good! They've always been my fallback for Ethiopian food.

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            Meskel...lovely flavors...but also an intangible warmth and vibe.

          2. there's a newish place on roosevelt right next to taste of india and the name's escaping me right now. friends and i tried it the other day and it was great. the menu only has maybe 5 things on it but the portions where huge and all of the veges tasted really fresh and nicely spiced. i'm going back when i have my next hankering for ethiopian.

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              Cafe Yeshi, its been around for a little while, I've never been, but glad to hear its good!

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                If this is the new restaurant in the last house on the block before the corner shop, I'm glad to know it's good! Hilariously, the house it is in used to be a house belonging to some friends, local swing and blues dancers, and was the site of many an all night blues dancing party. It is going to feel very, very odd to go there as a restaurant. So, just so you know a little history in case you can feel the memories of people dancing as you eat!

                The food being good is an extra reason to go visit it again :).

            2. I'll second the recommendations for Mesob but I'll add Cafe Ibex right at Rainier and MLK to the list.
              I think most Ethiopian places have the same dishes and the same menu - your veggie cobos, your meat combos etc. What distinguishes them I think is freshness and use of spices.