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May 2, 2007 01:08 PM

Hosting 10-15 clients in Decatur, Highlands or Midtown: need good place with private room

Any suggestions for a good place to have a client dinner in Decatur, Highlands or Midtown? Prefer a private room if possible. No particular concerns over kind of food or budget.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. I was eating at Baraonda (Italian in midtown) the other night and they were having a private party in their new room/addition. It looked beautiful, the food is delicious and reasonable, and the atmostphere is very urban and fun.

    1. If noise is not a major issue, you'll have a great time at Floataway Cafe (situated between Decatur and the Highlands) owned by the Bacchanalia folks. Great food, fabulous cocktails, but even in the "private" areas, it's fairly noisy if a Friday or Saturday. If midweek, it could be perfect.

      1. Attended a wonderful holiday party for my small law firm at Woodfire Grill in the "loft" space. It was very nice and the food was excellent. This room holds 16 people.

        1. French American Brasserie, just opened and they have several private and semi-private dining rooms. I was at an event there last week, there were ten of us, and we had our dinner/meeting in a semi private area and it was perfect. the food was absolutely wonderful, and service was flawless. i suggest getting in touch with these folks.

          1. Try Trois in midtown - on 14th Street at Crescent Ave. The latest in the "One Midtown Kitchen", "Two Urban Licks" line. Trois has a private room on the third floor - called "Above Trois" - very nice that they section off for smaller groups.

            There's also The Globe on 5th - very modern as well with private room.


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              On second thought, Trois even sectioned might be too big for 10-15. Across the street is South City Kitchen, another Atlanta favorite with areas for private dining upstairs and on covered pation. I still recommend The Globe too. Any of the above are great suggestions - good luck deciding - you can't really go wrong!

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