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May 2, 2007 12:57 PM

Calling RGR-LES advise please

Okay, you were so helpful to pass along your LES recommendations along with a way for us to include Dumpling House and Pomme Frites. (not sure we will be able to move after this day). I need additional advise. I would like to make this day start around 10am and be available for a Harbor Lights Cruise around 6pm (it starts at 7pm at pier 83). If we want to include Katz deli for an early lunch and the tenement museum (tours starting at 11:30 and on the hour), would you recommend an early lunch before the tenement museum or maybe a breakfast stop at the donut plant before the museum and katz afterward......is it realistic to include the Dumpling House and parts of Chinatown in a casual afternoon food fest and still make our cruise? MANY THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELPFUL AND CONSIDERATE ADVISE!

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  1. Hey, twobluecats, The last time my husband and I took the tour (yes, I do like to check it out myself every so often), we started with brunch at Katz's around 11 a.m. If I recall correctly, it took us about 2 hours to get to Il Laboratorio. There was no line at Katz's, so getting served was very quick. But that's unusual. We skipped over Russ & Daughters and, instead, went back there at the end to buy stuff to take home. We did not do the Tenement tour (we took it many years ago with some friends visiting from France), nor did we go to Dumpling House or Pommes Frites. And I only stuck my head briefly into Economy Candy.

    Starting earlier than we did will, of course, give you more time, and you can certainly re-arrange the tour any way that suits you. Overall, if you include all the stops, plus a little walk around Chinatown, you should be able to finish and get uptown for a 7 p.m. cruise.

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      Thanks so much. I think we'll go for it and just see where the day takes us.