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Japanese steakhouse/sushi coming to Tinton Falls

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I know northern Monmouth has a lot of sushi places but I'm excited about one opening close to my home. Kanji Steakhouse and Sushi is supposed to open this summer in the A&P plaza in Tinton Falls. Conveniently, it's opening next door to a liquor store (in the space where the dollar store was). I hope it turns out to be a winner.


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  1. It's definately a trend. Hope it makes it too.

    1. Glad to hear about new possibilities for Japanese dining.

      We need a good Korean place in northern Monmouth!! I hope someone out there is planning one.

      1. I hope it's a winner too, I can't wait to try it. I wonder if it's going to be early summer or late...

        I passed by that restaurant a couple of days ago and I'll have to say the renovations to the plaza look great... I can't even remember what it looked like back in the day. I used to go to the plaza for the best Sicilian pizza from Ninette's.

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          Ninette's still rules. We always forget about it though. I think their prices have gone up but who's hasn't.

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            you have to try Ninette's chicken pesto on faccachio (sp) bread, it is great. Only made on Thursday and Friday though.

            1. re: Barbarella

              Noted. Thanks!

        2. Another jap. steakhouse? Why can't we get something different for a change??? Indian? Korean? Authentic chinese? I'M TIRED OF JAPANESE STEAKHOUSES!!!


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            As much as I agree with you that there should be more variety (I'll throw authentic Middle Eastern or Ethiopian into your rant), I'm still excited about Kanji nevertheless.

          2. I drove by Kanji Steakhouse and Sushi today and their sign says they open on October 1. I am also looking forward to it.

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            1. re: bettycrock

              Anyone go tonite to check it out?

              1. re: bgut1

                I stuck my head in at lunch yesterday and grabbed a menu. Place looks nice inside, many habachi tables. Hope to get there soon!! And the prices were not bad!!

            2. That menu looks fantastic! I hope to try Kanji soon!