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Anniversary dinner, where?

Where would you go for a mid week anniversary dinner?

Does not have to be Manhattan but close to it at least.
Not too too stuffy.
Top notch food and enjoyable service/atmosphere.
Not looking for a bloated filled to the brim meal.
Money not too much of an issue.
It is for next week so reservations may be an issue.

Wifes' favorite foods: Not in any order.
foie gras
good wine
very good bourbon

Very often, rather than a tasting menu, we choose some of the best items from the menu and have them come out one at a time for our own tasting.

Any thoughts?

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  1. nothing spells romantic anniversary quite like annisa's tasting menu...

    1. Check out Wallse in the West Village...great food, romantic atmosphere and the best neighborhood in the city!

      1. Veritas does not offer a tasting menu. Dinner is a 3-course prix-fixe for $76. Chef Scott Bryan's New American cuisine is superb. Looking at the menu on the website, I see that several of your wife's favorites are offered. Chef Bryan's seared fois gras preparations are always seriously delicious, and his lamb dishes are not too shabby either. The dessert menu includes two chocolate choices. And, of course, the wine list is one of the most extraordinary in the city. Service is cordial and professional, the small dining room has elegant contemporary decor, the noise level is conversation-friendly, and the overall vibe is low-key and relaxed. We have been to Veritas many times both for special occasion dining but also just when we want a first-rate meal. We have always left feeling supremely satisfied.


        Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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          veritas is my favorite restaurant in manhattan

        2. Cru- amazing food, service, wine, etc. You can pick your own dishes and customixe the menu. Here's my review from when we went. Enjoy and congrats!


          1. This has Blue Ribbon written all over it. Although they don't take reservations, so I can't recommend it for an anniversary. Does she like seafood in general? Aquagrill has an excellent oyster bar, but it's a sea food restaurant.

              1. Any French suggestions that would fit the bill? And possible for a reservation at such a late date?

                Went to Le gigot last year and we loved it. Same for Cafe des artist.

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                  Mas or Fleur de Sel come to mind...

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                    My dh and I love Fleur de Sel

                2. If money is not an issue, why not an early reservation at per se. Friends took us for our anniversary last year in June (Wednesday night at 6pm reservation) and I only yesterday described the first course, oysters with caviar as the ABSOLUTELY best thing I ever ate.

                  1. Thank you all for the great advice. We ended up at Annisa tonight for a very nice long dinner. Did the Chefs tasting menu with paired wines.

                    Lighting, decor and atmosphere all subtle, soothing and warm.

                    Service was a bit off for a top notch place. Water service and wine service not quite on the ball. The Individual waiters though were outstanding, knowledgeable and friendly.

                    Food was very good with some outstanding dishes, Black cod in dashi, Foi gras soup dumpling and the Myer lemon and poppie seed bread pudding. Cheese course was excellent and all from Murrays cheese shop. The other 4 dishes were just fine but nothing exceptional.

                    Wine pairing was perfect and the wines were so good all on their own. Absolutely the best part of the evening.

                    We did find out that the chef/owner was out of town so maybe that had something to do with it. She is normally there wed to sat.

                    So was it worth it? Not sure. Being a chef I may be a bit too critical.
                    Was it flat out worth the price? No. Was it a great evening over all? Absolutely.
                    Maybe stick to the signature dishes, the wines, cheese course and desserts and all will be well.

                    1. If it doesn't have to be a tastings menu, go to One If By Land, Two If By Sea....great anniversary dinner...perfect ambiance for that occasion.

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                        The consensus on this board is that the food at OIBL is mediocre at best.

                        Anyway, it's moot now. pulled pork posted a follow-up just above your post. They went to Annisa.