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May 2, 2007 12:20 PM

German food

Hello my new food friends! I was wondering if any of you gals/guys knew where I could grab some good, authentic German chow. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not exactly sure where in New England your looking, but here is a link to a recent thread about German food.

    1. The Student Prince (or "The Fort") as it can also be known in Springfield, IMHO has absolutely excellent German food, and I personally love the beergarten, relaxed atmosphere as well. The prices are right and they have fantastic specials. I'd highly recommend giving it a try.

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        I've witheld this suggestion because I'd expected so many more responses. But....if in Maine, Morse Saurkraut in Waldoboro, off Rt 1, has added a cafe a couple of years ago. The kraut is alive and is sold in the deli along with a great selection of wursts and even black bread. It is a magnet for local German expats. The cafe serves nice lunches centered around wursts and soups.

      2. Theo's, Elm Street, Manchester NH, near the Verizon Center, does a German menu on Wed nights. The chef is from Germany and it is his chance to stretch!

        Also, look at the Danbury Inn, Danbury NH, very good German food.

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          That was a great article in Hippo on Theo's - they have chefs come in on different nights to strut their stuff, looks like ya get the real deal for Greek night, Italian night, etc. I can't wait to try them.

        2. The following fairly recent thread has much to talk about on this subject...

          1. By far the best german food I have had (other than what I had in germany) would have to be Old Heidelberg in Bethel. In the summer months they have a bier garten. The food is authentic and the desserts are to die for. Their struedel is wonderful.
            I have been to Student Prince and East Side and I found them both to be off the mark.
            Student Prince was definitely better than East Side but nothing like Old Heidelberg. At East Side it was $12 for a L of Radler! Radler so we paid $6 for .5L of sprite..... I was really dissapointed, Althought the atmosphere was fun.
            There is also Noack's in Meriden if you are up for cooking your own. My favorite butcher in CT.