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May 2, 2007 11:55 AM

Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls

With the warm weather now upon us, I have fired up the grill a few times to make some cheeseburgers and other charred meats.

I'm looking for something beyond the Pepperidge Farm or potato rolls that (while delicious), lack a certain something, or maybe they have it in the form of preservatives.

So, does anyone have a favorite hamburg or hot dog roll, preferably fresh baked?

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  1. Sarcone's Kaiser rolls are #1!

    We also like the Trader Joe's whole wheat hot dog buns.

    1. A juicy burger on a brioche roll is to die for. Metropolitain Bakery in Reading Terminal Market has the rolls. And the gigantic hot dogs from L. Halteman Family in RTM fit nicely on Sarcone's cheesesteak rolls.

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