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May 2, 2007 11:52 AM

question about downtown SD

I'm looking for a place in downtown SD where I can grab a quick lunch. Im not looking for a fancy pants spot, just maybe a solid cafe. Cafe Chloe is mentioned quite a bit. How expensive is this place. Thanks in advance!

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    You can check out their menu online.

    Luxor Cafe has pretty decent and inexpensive Middle Eastern food, Bread on Market has great bread and sandwiches.

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      Depends on where in downtown you are, but The Cheese Shop makes really good sandwiches (love their chicken salad!), Downtown Johnny Brown's in the concourse makes good hamburgers and shark burgers, Caparell's has decent Italian, as does Mama Gucci's.

    2. I like Cafe Chloe but its not what you might call inexpensive and you don't get huge servings. It also kind of depends on where, downtown, you will be and if you are on foot or not.

      1. There is a small Italian cafe on 3rd and Ash that has wonderful salads and fresh pannini sandwhiches. The service was always quick and I could walk in and order and be out the door in five minutes or less. The homemade Italian wedding soup was really good. I can't recall the name of it for the life of me, but used to go there weekly. It is located in between a graphic design/printing company and a coffee shop that is probably out of business because no one was ever in there. It was run by the nicest Italian woman and during the summer there would always be classes of Italian exchange students there for lunch as I think she was friends with the instructor.

        Another great quick lunch option is Grab & Go subs on West C street and 1st Ave. The Tunisia is about the best tuna sub I've ever tasted, olive oil, capers, fresh tomato, black olives on a toasted sub...yum. Lots of gourmet and good sandwhich options to go for about $6.

        Oh how I miss the delicious quick dining options in San Diego! You never fully realize a good thing until you're surrounded by corn fields...

        1. Cafe Chloe is great, but I don't think it's what you are looking for. It is kind of fancy pants and is not exactly quick. Last time I went there for lunch it was two hours start to finish.

          I would second Bread on Market as well as the Cheese Shop for good sandwiches. I think Al Teatro Panini Grill is the place Exercise to Eat is referring to, and it is pretty good. I also like the Westgate Deli. I am not a fan of the Luxor, I thought the food was greasy - but it is inexpensive and quick.

          1. Depending on where you are downtown...
            Closer to Little Italy: Pete's Meats (great italian sausage)
            Closer to Petco: California Grinders- next to the Hustler Store. Amazing sandwiches, soups, and salads! I wish our office was still downtown!
            Taco Shop: Broadway Taco (or whatever its called now, they changed their name almost weekly) on the corner of Broadway and 7th. Awesome taco shop fare-