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May 2, 2007 11:46 AM

Moving to Hong Kong!


I am moving to Hong Kong next month and am curious about restaurants people might recommend besides those found in the guide books (Hutong, Felix at the Peninsula, etc.). Open to any and all suggestions--can't wait to start eating out in HK!

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  1. I used to live in HK for about 10 years, can't wait to move back there... in a few years I hop.

    How long will you be moving there for? If it's for more than a year, I recommend just exploring on your own first, its HK and there is a plethora of great eats. Just take your time and you will begin to give us suggestions instead! Enjoy!

      1. re: Gary Soup

        I will be there for about two years, I think. Thanks for your suggestions!!

      2. Depending on which part of HK you are moving to, here are some suggestions:

        In Central, go to Tsui Wah Tea House (very yummy milk tea, hainan chicken, wonton noodles).

        Cafe de Coral or Maxim for Chinese fast food, bbq...yummy and very cheap (they are all over the place)

        Go to a Dai Pai Dong (depending where you live, there should be one close to the wet market). Try the porridge, fried you tiao, and rice noodles. They are the best.

        I also like Tai Ping Koon in Yau Mai Tai for pigeon, but there are dissenting opinions.

        Go to Mong Kok for street food (curry fish balls, fried eggplant, stinky tofu, waffles)