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May 2, 2007 11:41 AM

Sangria Amount

I'm making sangria for an evening grazing party for 40 guests with lots of finger foods, tapas etc. I'm having a disagreement about amounts.The recipe I use is tried and true and is always a big hit even with folks that don't usually like sangria. I use red wine, brandy, contreau, fruit juice and fruit with a splah of spakling water. Beer, red and white wine will also be available. How much snagria should I make? Thanks!

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  1. Half bottle per guest, that is 750 ml x .5 x 40 = 15 liters = 4 gallons

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      Four gallons, plus the orange juice,sparkling water, brandy etc? That's the crux of our disagreement, Including, that folks usually drink more sangria than just straight wine, when we serve it. Any thoughts?

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        I went with four gallons of wine plus juice and brandy etc. etc. Thirty people showed up and drank almost all of it.

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