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good brunch in Carroll Gardens ?

Could you recommend good brunch in Carroll Gardens neighborhood?

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  1. Post this on the Outer Boroughs board - if it hasn't been moved by the time I write this. You'll get a far better response.

    BTW, I do have a recommendation - Cafe LuluC on Smith St.

    1. Frankies 247. REALLY good french toast, great salads, eggplant parm sandwich....Yummy!!!

      1. It's a bit north (in the middle of Cobble Hill, not CG), but Bocca Lupo on Henry and Warren has a great brunch -- good egg dishes, salads, paninis, good coffee and killer drinks. Brunch there seems less crowded than at night, another plus.

          1. Le Petit Cafe on Court Street.

            1. Patois--get the duck confit and eat in their beautiful garden!

              Miriam on Court St--get the Israeli fried pancake with egg and tomato puree--YUM

              Chestnut has Sunday brunch too--keep meaning to try it, I'm sure it's delicious.

              Jolie on Atlantic has a great brunch too and gorgeous garden

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                thank you guys !
                I would try them !!!

              2. Chestnut (on sunday's only) has the best one in the area that I'm aware of. If you do a search there are many posts that discuss. I recommend the oatmeal pancakes.

                1. I like Banania Cafe on Smith for their pancakes.

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                    banania cafe??? where is that? i walk it everyday and ive never seen this place. real north near atlantic or something?

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                      Oh! I just found out it closed! That's a shame!