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good brunch in Carroll Gardens ?

Could you recommend good brunch in Carroll Gardens neighborhood?

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  1. Post this on the Outer Boroughs board - if it hasn't been moved by the time I write this. You'll get a far better response.

    BTW, I do have a recommendation - Cafe LuluC on Smith St.

    1. Frankies 247. REALLY good french toast, great salads, eggplant parm sandwich....Yummy!!!

      1. It's a bit north (in the middle of Cobble Hill, not CG), but Bocca Lupo on Henry and Warren has a great brunch -- good egg dishes, salads, paninis, good coffee and killer drinks. Brunch there seems less crowded than at night, another plus.

        1. Patois on Smith St.

          1. Le Petit Cafe on Court Street.

            1. Patois--get the duck confit and eat in their beautiful garden!

              Miriam on Court St--get the Israeli fried pancake with egg and tomato puree--YUM

              Chestnut has Sunday brunch too--keep meaning to try it, I'm sure it's delicious.

              Jolie on Atlantic has a great brunch too and gorgeous garden

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                thank you guys !
                I would try them !!!

              2. Chestnut (on sunday's only) has the best one in the area that I'm aware of. If you do a search there are many posts that discuss. I recommend the oatmeal pancakes.

                1. I like Banania Cafe on Smith for their pancakes.

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                    banania cafe??? where is that? i walk it everyday and ive never seen this place. real north near atlantic or something?

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                      Oh! I just found out it closed! That's a shame!