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May 2, 2007 11:33 AM

Great Italian deli in Little Italy?

A few months ago, Gourmet ran an article about a great Italian deli in Little Italy. The author traveled to northern Italy with the owner (his family has owned the place for years). They concentrated on the part of Italy that has the Austrian influence and this deli sells speck and other foods like that. Does this ring a bell with anybody?

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  1. Are you thinking of DiPalo? Or something else?

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      1. re: foodmonk

        Thanks - I was searching there (but v. poorly, it appears) and also must have missed the article in my Gourmet. Di Palo's is truly one of my favorite "food" places to go to in NYC, lines notwithstanding.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I went there to search to, but you are right ... It's hard to figure out how to search for Gourmet articles. I had to resort to Google. It's funny, but I pass by DiPalo's all the time walking up Mott St., but I've never been inside! I'll definitely have to make a stop next time.

          1. re: foodmonk

            Especially if you walk by and there is no line - or a v. short line - do go in. Lucky you - we make periodic treks from the UES - but have discovered that arriving at 9am on a Saturday is a good time. Usually a couple of people waiting outside, but better than braving the lines later in the day.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Thanks for the tip! I had no idea it would be so busy and will try to go early.

              1. re: foodmonk

                If you have time to check out the link I included above, you'll get a good sense of the modus operendi (sp?) - often long lines, often leading to interesting and informative chatting with other patrons, once you are being served, it's as if you are the only customer there and they have all the time in the world for you.

    1. Yes, I was thinking of DiPaolo's. I have heard that they have speck, which is a favorite of mine. Is that accurate? Is there anything else that you highly recommend getting there?

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      1. re: glutton

        I can't swear that they do, but I'd be surprised if they didn't. I know that I've bought speck at Murray's Cheese in the Village. DiPalo's parmesan is wonderful and reasonable - about $12 a pound - also robbiolo and other soft cheeses. Frankly, everything looks wonderful there and I always end up with a full grocery bag of goodies. They have great, well priced olive oils - starts with an "L" - if you ask them what they recommend for cooking, that's what they'll offer you, and the same company also makes a good extra virgin olive oil - I'm thinking it might be called "Locatelli" - but maybe not!

        It's also where I buy bottarga.

        1. re: glutton

          Fairway has pretty good speck, although I usually buy mine in the Bronx. I'd be surprised if you couldn't find it at DiPalo's.

        2. Aleva is also great, but I'm not sure they have speck.