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May 2, 2007 11:30 AM

[Sea] Bakery near U dist

I'm commuting from Everett, to work in the U. Is there a great bakery (i.e., Macrina, Besalu) in this vicinity where I can pick up a pastry for breakfast on occasion without adding too much to an already long drive?

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  1. I love the banana bread at solstice. It's very dense, but super scrumptious. We often order a loaf if we're hosting brunch. I haven't tried the other items though.

    It's on the south end of the Ave, not far from the Architecture building. There's a parking lot next door.

    1. you might be able to shoot down to Essential Bakery (34th and Wallingford), not sure whether traffic would be an issue or not

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          small European-style pastries like Opera cake (click on the heading under Store Locator)...haven't tried their bread offerings although supposedly the baker was part of a team that placed #1 in some international competition

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            Thanks for this rec. I had seen the breads elsewhere (central market I believe), but went to the source this morning and was pleased by the huge selection of breakfast delectables. Got a loaf of bread for home, and a spinach/feta croissant for breakfast. The croissant was tasty, but the dough was too moist, imo. Not flaky like a croissant should be. It may have steamed from the relatively high moisture levels in the filling, and maybe the other flavors are crispier.

            Does anyone else have recs for the next pastry I should try - it may take me a while to get through them all, and I should prioritize!

      1. If you are heading that way, there is also the boulangerie at 45th and sunnyside or something like that?

        1. Also consider le Fournil, just across (south of) the University bridge. If you're going south on 5, you could get off at Roanoak, turn around, go down the hill and stop in for a pastry, le fournil will be on your right if you're heading north to go across the bridge to the U district. Closed Monday, maybe sunday too, not sure.

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            le fournil is an absolute must if looking for good patries. imo it is the only place in town to rival besalu. i still can't decide which i like more. guess i'll just have to keep visiting them to see which is best. if you like quiche at all the mini one's at essential are very good. you can thank me later.

          2. Not exactly a pastry shop, but Erwin's, at 40th and Corliss Ave (3 blocks East of Wallingford Ave) makes killer Blueberry Muffins, Marionberry Scones, and assorted baked goodies. The coffee is Cafe Vita and good, and they have pizza at lunch. They bake right there in the kitchen you are looking at when you walk in. If they have Marionerry Pie - get it. Actually, get 2, you'll want to aekt a slice home to the spouse. Oh, maybe better make that 3?... 4?