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May 2, 2007 11:23 AM

Meal delivery in Greensboro, NC

Help! I am looking for a place who will deliver in Greensboro, NC. My mother-in-law just had surgery (she's in bed) and her husband (both in their mid-60's) can't cook! I'm looking for a place that will deliver items like a tray of lasagne, or turkey and stuffing, meals that can be eaten over days or even come frozen and be heated up.

I live in DC, and would like to order food for them to help them out. Any ideas out there? Thank you!!

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  1. There are a lot of those "make your own and take them home to stock your freezer" type places cropping up in the Triangle (Dream Dinners, My Girlfriend's Kitchen, Super Suppers, etc.) Some have pickup and delivery services as well. I'm not familiar with what is in Greensboro since I'm in the Triangle, but maybe someone else on the board might.

      Campus Food will deliver to homes as well as dormitories in Greensboro NC. Not a huge variety, mainly italian and chinese, but I have had some decent manicotti and lasagna. You can pay for food AND tip online, which is nice at the door when only a hand-off is required. TeakOut will also deliver food with online ordering. Good luck!

      1. Hi YParky,

        My mom lives in Greensboro too. And I also live outside of DC - in the VA side. I found Mrs Pumpkins and they have what looks like delicious food for delivery with one day's notice. I realize this post is nearly 3 years old. But maybe this will help you if there's a next time.
        best of luck.