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May 2, 2007 11:21 AM

Need two recs for Ft. Worth

I'm an LA hound who will be in Ft. Worth later this month. I will be staying at the Stockyards Hotel.

I've narrowed my dinner search to two places: Del Frisco's and Lonesome Dove. I know Lonesome Dove has gotten very good reviews on this board but for some reason Del F's looks really nice to me. Any comments between the two?

Also, I'm meeting a friend for breakfast the next day, and he has a car so we could go downtown. The two that seem to stand out on this board are Esperanza's and Paris Coffee Shop (I have no idea where they are). Any other good breakfast recs either around the Stockyards Hotel or downtown?


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  1. Lonesome Dove is a good choice. I would skip Del Frisco's and go to Lanny's instead.

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

    1. Haven't been to Lonesome Dove but its on my list of places I want to try. I would second Adkim's suggestion to skip Del Frisco's - way overpriced, imo - and try Lanny's - the tasting menu is usually excellent. Of the two, I would go with Lanny's, but only because I haven't tried Lonesome Dove yet.
      As for breakfast, I would go with Esperanza's over Paris Coffee Shop. Esperanza's is away from the Stockyards towards Downtown on North Main. Or, right where you are staying, H3 in the Stockyards Hotel does great weekend brunches. The rainbow trout is delicious. It is not my favourite place for dinner, although it is good, but for brunch it's great.
      Have a great trip.

      1. I heartily agree with the Lanny's comments. Del Frisco's is a steakhouse. It has absolutely nothing to do with local character. You want a really expensive meal, it can provide. Lonesome Dove makes sense if you don't want to drive. The food's good, the experience is reasonably singular, and the service can be pretty good. See if you can eat outside. Afterwards, to keep giving Tim more money, stop in at the White Elephant and have a drink. The bar makes a heckuva bloody mary if you're feeling poorly the next day. Esperanza's is good, El Asadero is great, and nearby, but for a really unique experience, the Spiral Diner, on the same street as Paris Coffee Shop, does a marvelous vegan sort of thing...

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          Del Frisco's is a steakhouse. It looks, feels, tastes and breathes "steakhouse" so if tha's what you want, go there. Lanny's is a completely different animal so the two are uncomparable.


        2. I agree with the previous comments about Del Frisco's. It's just really not that great for what you pay for it. I would try Lonesome Dove or Lanny's.

          1. In my opinion - which is almost always correct! - you would be absolutely CRAZY not to go to Lanny's. I've only eaten there a couple of times, but I absolutely loved it. In today's world of ubiquitous fine dining, rarely do I ever put anything in my mouth that shocks and awes me. I've had several items at Lanny's that did so. The gnocchi with the brown butter chipotle sauce was one of the most surprising taste experiences of my life. God it was good.

            I've never been to Lonesome Dove so I can't comment (even though Duce underwhelmed me), but if you want some "local flavor", don't eat all day and then head to Angelo's for dinner. That there's a slice of Texas heaven.