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cochinita pibil

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Where can I get good cochinita pibil? I'd make it, but it seems rather work-intensive for one!

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  1. There is a tasty version at Senor Fred in Sherman Oaks, on Ventura Blvd. just west of Woodman.

    1. I really like the version they serve at Chichen Itza in the Mercado La Paloma (http://www.mercadolapaloma.com/restau... ). It makes a kick-ass torta too.

        1. Of course there is. Flor de Yucatan, Chichen Itza make a good version, the old El Emperador Maya used to also, etc. Many northern and even central Mexicans have no idea what cochinita pibil exactly is, so finding that description in BCS makes sense

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            No, I saw the same thing in the Yucatan... if its not cooked in a smokey Pib its not Cochinita Pibil. Besides, very few people in Cabo seemed to be natives of BCS... almost everyone I encountered was from some other Mexican coastal resort town with less jobs... Mazatlan, Acapulco & Cancun being the most represented.

          2. the cochinita pibil at la golondrina on olvera street is pretty great.

            1. I think hte cochinita pibil at Babita in San Gabriel is quite tasty. :)

              1. Chichen Itza is really good and their noew location is quite nice.


                1. they have both chicken pibil and cochinita pibil at Mexico City in Los Feliz

                  1. 100% Yucateca here and the best aside from my Mom's is Flor de Yucatan. Go on the weekends, order it by the lb. Come bach home, dip tortilla in juice, stuff tortilla to the brim and sprinkle with pickled onions and welcome to what heaven tastes like... :D


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                        The food is TO GO only and only available on weekends... VERY much worth it! :D


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                          What else do you recommend picking up there besides the cochinita pibil or is that what they do best?

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                            If you are hungry, I recommend the Panuchos, which are made with Turkey, you can gulp these outside standing up.

                            I like the Kibis as well (Little bulgur meatballs). If you are feeing a good size crowd, get the Holjadra Pastry, it's like a flat stuffed crousant... it's EXCELLENT.


                      1. Follow the words of someone who knows Yucatecan like no other - Flor de Yucatan per Dommy! the Mayan goddess of great food!

                        1. I also like the one at Loteria! in the Farmer's Market at 3d & Fairfax

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                            The cochinita pibil at Loteria is one of the few tacos that I would spend the extra dough on. Great great rendition.

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                              Hmm, I just got the cochinita pibil burrito from Loteria (b/c some have said the tacos were skimpy) and the meat had a sawdusty texture. It had more spice-zing than at my usual place, Yuca's, but at Yuca's you really feel the lusciousness of the pork.

                              I went to Chichen Itza recently and although I didn't get it, my friend got the pollo pibil and said it was really good. Just an FYI for curious non-pork-eaters.

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                                Yes, Loteria's to me is ABOMINATION of the dish because it so dry. Cochinta is 1/2 about the sauce that is created durring the braising process... to leech it out like they do is blasphamy to a Pibil lover...


                            2. YUCA'S!!!

                              Try their burritos....sooo delicious!!! Their machaca burritos are my favorite though...ohh...and thier cheeseburger too!

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                                Another vote for Yuca's on Hillhurst. The burrito is delicious - great flour tortilla, super saucy and sloppy pork. And cheap! Yum!

                              2. Dona Rosa in Pasadena has it and it is very good. Better than Yuca's.

                                1. Paco's in CC and Westchester does a surprisingly good rendition, if not entirely authentic. Great sauce with strong citrus overtones. Especially good with their homemade corn tortillas.


                                  1. I recommend Villas Durango on York Blvd in Highland Park. Good cochinita pibil and amazingly cheap beer.

                                    1. LOVE the cochinita pibil at Flor de Yucatan. Here's my recent review and some pics of their pibil, panuchos, and others:


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                                        This place is definitely on my list of places to try. (Very nice avatar, btw.)