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May 2, 2007 11:14 AM

Help - Cinco de Mayo dessert ideas? (not flan)

Hi Chowhounds -

I'm looking for some fun dessert ideas for Cinco de Mayo that don't involve the usual suspects such as flan or sopapillas. Non-alcoholic versions are appreciated as one person at our party is expecting.


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  1. Mexican chocolate, "chilied" mango desserts, Mexican groceries often have tropical fruit puree frozen that make good ice creams, or ice cream sauces. One of my favorite things is sweet corn ice cream. I can get it hear made "Azul" brand, but you can make it too. SOOO good and unexpected. Serve with spicy chocolate sauce and coconut cookies...mmmm. Cajeta on anything, but you can do cajeta crepes... I love Cinco de Mayo!

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      Do you think I could make a homemade version of sweet corn ice cream using Trader Joe's canned sweet corn (perhaps pureed?) and a custard base? Would you add in any other spices or adjust the sugar levels? I love the uniqueness of sweet corn ice cream, can't say I've ever seen that one before!

    2. How about tres leches cake? You can do a search on the board for recipes.

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        Those are really good. (And FWIW, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and rum make a really tasty drizzle)

      2. I've never had leftover empanadas. Try pumpkin with anise filling.

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          guava and cream cheese make a nice dessert filling for empanadas as well

        2. Real Gelatines.... Tres Leches, Sherry, Coconut, Pecan

          Rustic Mexican Candies.... Fudge (Vanilla, Coconut, Chocolate, Cajeta), Spiced Tamarind, Candied Fruits / Root Vegetables

          Sorbets / Ice Creams.... there are > 500 or so flavors common around Mexico I can certainly provide some interesting ideas

          Crepes with Cajeta Sauce & Pecans

          Wheatless Plaintain Empanadas

          Exotic Smoothies... Cactus with Pineapple, Mamey, Zapote Negro etc.,

          1. Have you seen this grilled pound cake with tropical fruits from Food & Wine?

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              Oooh, that looks delicious. I bet I could use the chocolate sauce on jsaimd's sweet corn ice cream...