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May 2, 2007 11:08 AM

Beer as a mixer?

I am quite fond of a float of Jameson in a pint of Guinness. Also, I have extended that theory to adding a splash of Scotch to a pint of Boddingtons Ale. My wife swears by Shantys. What other drinks do you make by using beer as a mixer? Any particularly good with the summer BBQ season?

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  1. For summer afternoons, I swear by the savory and delicious michelada (which goes by a few names and has many variations). You can make it with or without tequila, according to your preference.

    Here's my version, made in a pint glass:

    -lots of fresh lime juice
    -splash of Tabasco or Tapatillo
    -splash of Maggi seasoning sauce (if you don't have this, Worcestershire would be okay, but Maggi is better and can be found at Mexican grocery stores).
    -tomato juice
    -salt & freshly ground pepper
    -Mexican beer (Tecate, Corona, Modelo, whatever you like)
    -optional shot of your favorite tequila

    Put the lime juice & other seasonings in your glass, then add tomato juice and mix. Add beer (and tequila, if you're using it) to fill the glass and adjust seasonings if neccessary. Throw in a couple ice cubes if you're feeling extra chilled out.

    Some people make it without the tomato juice, but I feel that it's a neccessary component.

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      I recently tried this for the first time - what a revelation! I had it without the tomato juice, though, in a glass rimmed with salt and chili powder. YUM. My new summer drink.

    2. i second the michelada - i only use beer that i don't really like all that much on their own as a mixer (lagers in general, budweiser in particular)

      1. At a home in Jamaica we were served cold Red Stripe mixed with rum. Maybe we were just high on Vacation Living but it tasted pretty good to us that wonderful, burning-hot afternoon.

        1. Used to drop a shot glass of Jack in a plastic cup of beer, the infamous college Boilermaker. But we weren't drinking for taste back then.

          1. The original comment has been removed