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May 2, 2007 11:01 AM

Westside Italian - 10 People - Tonight!

Any suggestions? Nothing extremely expensive, but just nice enough to satisfy out of town clients.

Any help would be much obliged.

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  1. First choice for me would be Tanino in Westwood. Excellent food and service. Not extremely expensive, but not cheap either. Check out their menu:

    Il Moro would be next. I like Tanino's food and service much better, but Il Moro would still fit your needs, and it's a tad less expensive than Tanino.

    Both places have nice ambiences good for clients/business.

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    1. re: LisaStitch

      I agree with LisaStitch, Tanino in Westwood is great and if they are out of towners, walk them over to Didi Riese for the famous ice-cream cookie sandwiches or just their cookies. We did just that for our clients from Boston - Tanino and Didi Riese afterward and they were just delighted and Westwood Village reminded them of some of their Back Bay venues....

    2. I bet Cucina Paridiso could handle your party no problem. They have a decent sized space and it seems fairly dead during the week.

      1. Do you realize that on just one list of Italian restaurants on the westside they list 167?

        If you want the "most" helpful of suggestions, I think it would be useful to narrow it down:

        Budget - Price per person, food only (no tax, tip, or liquids inc.)?
        Type of Italian - Old World, Northern, more innovative then the usual, ect.
        Noise Factor - realitively quiet, or loud and trendy o.k.?
        Seating - If their older, than they would probably prefer a booth instead of a wooden chair in cramped quarters.

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          JBC - you forgot to mention food. I think the guy is looking for good food - not an AARP friendly buffet with open air seating.

        2. La Vecchia on Main is great.

          1. Matteo's on Westwood has a big round table that appears to seat 10 and it's relatively quiet. The food is good since Don Dickman took over. He also updated the wine list.