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Brunch: North Slope - Prospect Heights

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  • eade May 2, 2007 10:48 AM
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Most of the recommended brunch places on this board seem to be in south Park Slope.

I know Gen and Tom's are good in PH.

Anything else good in north Slope, or Prospect Heights?

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  1. I'm quite fond of the brunch at Scotaditto on Union Street and 7th Ave. Inexpensive, decent variety and they are very generous with the unlimited mimosas.

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      Thank you.

      Perhaps Sorrell is worth a try as well, on the corner of Carleton and St. Marks.

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        after my last time at tom's, ive decided once and for all that the food sucks. id go simply for a lime rickeys and the atmosphere.

        cheryl's global kitchen off eastern parkway (and underhill i think) is very underrated here on chowhound. decent quality brunch.

        beast for brunch is weird. i like the place but the bloody marys are terrible and the service could be worse.

        melt is also a decent option. i have a love/hate relationship with flatbush farm as well but they do serve some decent bacon.

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          I've always been happy rose water for brunch. haven't loved their dinner, but every time i go for brunch it's great.

    2. Miriam, the israeli place on 5th at Prospect Pl., has a good deal for brunch. I believe it's still a flat $10 and they offer some interesting Mediterranean additions like Shakshuka (eggs w/ tomatoes and peppers) to the typical eggs Benedict and Florentine.
      But the last time I stopped by there was a 15-20 minute wait.