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May 2, 2007 10:40 AM

Kosher in Toronto

I will be in Toronto early next week for a conference, which kosher places are worth trying, and which are family-friendly? Thanks.

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  1. The chicken nest at Bathurst and Lawrence is for families and is quite good. Reasonably priced. Most of the kosher places in the city are fine for families, but there is not a huge selection. Bistro Grande on Eglinton is dairy and is a good choice for families too.

    1. If you can be more specific about which part of town I can be of more help. You may already be in Toronto. Indicate whether you have a car.

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        I too will be travelling to Toronto as well -I will be near the University of Toronto - I would prefer meat restaurants -

        1. re: weinstein5

          There are no meat or kosher restaurants for that matter near U of T, however, midtown on Eglinton avenue you have a choice of the four best kosher restaurants in the city. Moreover, you can take the subway to get to them. The meat choices are Marron Bistro - it is French cuisine and my personal fav. Bistro Grande, just down the block is dairy, but has great food and is a lovely spot. To get to these places if you are not driving, take the St. George subway north to Eglinton West (4 stops) and walk toward Bathurst about 4 blocks. The other two meat restaurants are Umami Sushi on Eglinton, further east past Avenue Road. It is essentially steak and sushi and is quite good. The last spot is Gladstones, also meat, specializing in Prime Rib. It is my least favorite, but not bad. It is on Eglinton just West of Avenue Road. You can take an Eglinton east bus from the above-noted subway station or walk - about 15-20 minutes from the subway station. The weather is really nice now. if you drive, or take a cab, it is about 15 minutes away. You will need reservations at all but Bistro Grande.

          These spots are in a more affluant, Jewish but less religious neighborhood, with the intention of attracting a wider customer base because they are pricier and fancier than your average kosher pizza shop.

          If you want more casual places, pizza, falafel, deli etc please post. They are congregated further north in more religious neighbourhoods.

          Here are some links with reviews, information etc:

          Good luck at my alma mater and enjoy your stay in Toronto!

          1. re: sherry f

            Here is my report - I First night - was leaning towards Umami until I saw Gladstones had Black Angus steaks and I ended up going there - The steak was excellent - rivals some of the best steaks I have ever had - for an appetized I had the duck breast the taste was good but texture was a bit rubbery - as a side I had the sweet potato fies which also were good - overall a very nice dining expereince. Second night - I decided to try Cookoo's - I started off with their Spring roll w/chicken - the thing is massive and delicious - they use the chicken from the grill so it has a nice smoky flavor - I had steak again and it to was good - you see them cook over the open fire - and for another appetizer (I was hungry) got the chicken fingers which were delisious another place I would go back to on my next trip The third night I went Miami Grill - it to was well worth the drive - I had the Sesame Beef over Lo Mein a different taste than I expected but it was very good - beef was well cooked and another delicious meal.

            Overall a very nice culinary side to my business trip to Toronto -

            1. re: weinstein5

              Important to know that Cookoo's and Miami Grill are in suburbs north of Toronto and are not rationally accessible without a car.

              1. re: embee

                The 7 bus up Bathurst will take you all the way to Steeles, from where it's only a short walk to Cookoo's (and a longish walk to Miami Grill). The 160 bus from the Wilson subway station will take you right up to Cookoo's front door, or to the corner of Clark which puts you a short walk from Miami Grill; but it will cost you an extra token to go past Steeles. (Times: subway from St George to Wilson is about 15 min; bus from Wilson to Steeles is about 25 min, and another 5 min to Clark.)

                1. re: zsero

                  Your TTC times are best case scenarios, and you are still describing a two hour round trip.

                  There's nothing comparable to Cookoo's, even if you aren't kosher, but getting there from my downtown house by TTC would take about 90 minutes each way. Personally, I could not walk from Steeles to Clark and back. YMMV.

                  1. re: embee

                    Please excuse my ignorance, Embee, but what does the acronym YMMV stand for?

                2. re: embee

                  true - I had one and I learned about the Toronto traffic the hard way -