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May 2, 2007 10:20 AM

Mother's Day Brunch near Sebastopol


We are looking for a place to take my grandmother for Mother's Day brunch near Occidental, Graton, Sebastopol, or even Santa Rosa. We've been to the places in downtown Occidental (am blanking but I think one was Negri's) and had a lackluster buffet so I was hoping for somehing better. Wildwood in Graton is one option. Any others?

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. My wife and I had brunch at Bistro V in Sebastopol a few months ago and it was lovely. Food, service and ambience were all great and I thought it was a reasonable value.

    Bistro V
    2295 Gravenstein Hwy S
    Sebastopol, CA 95472

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      Bistro V is for sale due to illness. Not sure if it's currently serving. The website is up, but best to call ahead.