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May 2, 2007 10:13 AM

Any good eats Palestine, Crockett, Livingston, Sour Lake, Winnie?

I'm driving southeast from Dallas to Winnie. Any recommendations for a good place to eat along the way? Not interested in barbeque. Thanks!

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  1. Don't stop till you get to Winnie: Al-T's.

    1. In Palestine, El Toro (by the mall) has goo dMexican food for reasonable prices. Besides that, all I can recommend is BBQ. There's really not much else in Palestine!

        1. After having lived in Palestine for 15ish years, and recent visits to see relatives since, I can't recommend a single thing that is remarkable. The Eilenberger (?sp) Bakery is only good since the original owners sold, whereas it used to be excellent.
          The only excellent place I can think of is a BBQ joint on Palestine Ave. and I can't think of the name of it- Shep's maybe...

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          1. re: Spencer

            Your standards are higher than mine.Please tell me where I can find,in your opinion "excellent" baked goods...I'm willing to drive a good piece for something as good as[apparently]Eilenbergers used to be.I live in Austin and we don't have anything approaching Eilenbergers[current owners] for diversity and intense deliciousness.

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              I have offended you I sense and for that I am sorry- it was not my intent.
              I'm no expert on baked goods. Good Lord, I am a begginer baker myself, and not a very good one at that. Nor have I visited many high end bakeries.
              I can say this with a great deal of certainty, and with the agreement of every fellow Palestinian with whom I have discussed this particular subject- the Eilenbergers of when I was a teenager thru young adulthood offered a better product than the current owners. I do think the current owners are very good, though not as good as the original lineage.
              I'm sorry, I can't point you to "excellent" baked goods. The joy, as they say, is in the pursuit. A pursuit for which you appear to adequately impassioned.
              (FYI, did you happen to notice the green lamplight in front of the store, or the 50 or so others just like it in the downtown area? Me and my crew erected those lights. I was a foreman on Palestine's Downtown Beautification Project at the time. The owners at Eilenbergers graciously allowed us to take our breaks there.)
              Did you happen to take a tour of the kitchen. If not, you should next time you ae there. You will see bakery equipment that is of great antiquity and not made anymore.

          2. The original comment has been removed