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May 2, 2007 09:58 AM


My 20-year-old son is looking for the "absolute spiciest food" in the area. (We live in San Jose but anywhere in Bay Area is fine.) He really means it.

He's eaten at Rangoli Indian and has had Ethiopian and Mexican, so if he could experience somet entirely new ethnicity that would be a plus.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Ruen Pair in Albany. Their "medium" is hot/hotter than most other places when you ask for spicy. Their spicy (especially larb) will almost make you convulse at the table. It is delicious in a painful way. It is very painful the next day on the "salida." People who like their mexican food really hot and eat plain jalapeƱos turn into pussies at Ruen Pair when eating the spicy. Overall, their food is pretty decent, too, and is probably my favorite Thai in the area.

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      Yes, Ruen Pair. When you order the food hot the server points out that if you can't eat it you will still have to pay.

    2. Old Mandarin Islamic's plate o' death:

      Spices 1 and 2? Never been...

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        I second Old Mandarin Islamic. I can usually handle a lot of eat (I really mean a lot...I eat Thai chili peppers since my family is from SE Asia) but that "plate o' death" had me sweating and drinking a lot of water!

        Also, Dusita, a Thai restaurant in Santa Clara on El Camino Real, does dishes in "Thai spicy." The waitress will double or triple check to make sure you want it that spicy. They put Thai chilis in it...They'll do it for pretty much any dish.

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          Old Mandarin's '"extremely hot pepper" is pretty darn hot.

        2. You might want to try China Village in Albany. Many of their dishes are very hot, but I once made the mistake of asking for their Spicy Boiled Beef extra spicy and it was outrageously hot. Since they use the schicuan peppercorn it's a different kind of spicy than most are used to.

          1. I think the spiciest thing I've had at China Village was the cold "home style" chicken appetizer.

            Champa Garden's mu ping ma nao (aka mu mu nao) was the spiciest thing I can recall having eaten recently.

            1. Some of the most outlandishly hot Thai food I've ever enjoyed has been at Marnee Thai on Irving St. in San Francisco. The chicken wing appetizer, in particular, has been a definite thrill-ride in years past.

              Not to be too graphic, but if your son is like me and emphatically asks for the wings "REALLY hot" it will not only cause shortness of breath/hyperventilation, profuse sweating and face-flushing, but also a slight melting of earwax. I kid you not.

              Additionally, any burger joint doing a habanero burger will be just the ticket for him. Prince of Wales Pub in San Mateo (now closed) was quite famous for that challenge burger. (ie: "I dare you to eat that burger...")


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