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May 2, 2007 09:54 AM

You have $15...What kitchen gadget to you buy?

So tell me Chowhounds....with your limited mad money....what kitchen gadget is a must have for the kitchen that can be bought for $15?????

Edit: Just some background...I received in the mail one of those $10 off coupons from JC Peneys and if I buy something over $10 I essentially get it free! So I just arbitrarily put in $15 as with tax ...etc...I usually don't shop at JCP but I know that they have a pretty good kitchen section and figured the only thing I could buy would be a gadget of sorts!!

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  1. assuming you have your basic kitchen set up and just want a gadget. . .

    i'd have to go for a microplane, or a flat whisk.

    1. I'll second a good microplane. Barring that, nice long tongs are always handy.

      1. I would buy a set of good tongs. Can't cook without them!

        1. I'd buy a couple of good rubber spatulas. Or a box grater.

            1. re: xnyorkr

              xnyorkr --- silicon...plasitic....wood...bamboo?? Is there a good one for $15 or less?

              1. re: ktcolt

                I buy a lot of my kitchen stuff at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. You can always find things there for < $10, and even better deals on reduced for clearance items. Most people recommend having two kinds of cutting boards, one for meats (plastic, non-absorbant), and one for fruits/vegetables (wood or bamboo). I had a wood cutting board and I found that bamboo is better. Maybe bamboo is harder so it "fights" the knife when you chop, cutting the food better. I think it may wear knives down a little faster, though.