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May 2, 2007 09:48 AM

Kartchner Caverns/Benson AZ outing

We are headed to Katchner Caverns and looking for lunch and dinner places along the way. Any suggestions. Katchner Caverns is located out of Benson AZ

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  1. Last time I visited Kartchner Caverns, I didn't see much of interest in Benson itself. We drove 20 miles south to Sierra Vista and had reasonably good Mexican food at La Casita:

    La Casita Mexican Restaurant
    465 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ
    (520) 458-2376

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      Nearby Sierra Vista has some very good restaurants. I know of a good Korean place and a good BBQ place and a good steak house.

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        and the names of these places are?

    2. l just went to Kartchner last weekend--what a great experience! Regarding restaurants, I didn't see anything of interest in Benson or the surrounding area. If you are heading further down to Bisbee, I can offer some recommendations for that area.

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        I agree. We popped into Feast before heading to Kartchner Caverns.

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          Hi again,
          I think I just responded to u about restuarants in Tucson?! Never been S of Tucson before. Where is Feast. Any suggestions for a day trip down there. Our reservations aren't until 3PM. I see there is a festival at the Holy Trinity Moastery. Also wondered about the gardens at the monastery as they brag about them on their website. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks again,

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            Feast is on the central-east side of Tucson, and not really on the "road" to Benson, but it's our favorite restaurant on that side of town, and the closest to/from the Benson Hwy. Don't let the "take out" menu fool you - the restaurant is really cute inside, and just expanded recently to twice its old size.

      2. Ruiz's Mexican has been our Benson standby for decades. It's on the main drag, near the Ocotillo Rd exit. Nothing fancy, but good and reasonably-priced standard Ariz-Sonoran food. Try the green chile.

        Their old place had more character, but it burnt down. The new bldg has much nicer bathrooms.

        Incidentally, the Singing Wind bookshop, on a ranch a few miles N of Benson, is well-worth checking out. Google for details.

        Cheers, Pete Tillman

        1. We drove through Benson a couple of weeks ago while traveling from Bisbee to Tucson on vacation. We stopped at Reb's in Benson, which is a funky kind-of-redneck breakfast/lunch place -- lot's of anti-big government brochures and photos of John Wayne and old cars for sale. Was the food incredible? Not particularly, just decent roadfood grub, but it did offer a fun and cheap slice of local life. BTW, be sure to read the specials board before you sit down, as our waitress didn't mention any specials.

          1. Sierra Vista is the closest place to eat. But, whatever you do...DON'T go the the Caverns without food. There are a couple of tours you'll enjoy, with lunch in between (make tour reservations in advance). Don't make the mistake I did: I went there alone and without food....thinking foolishly that there would be a place to buy food there for lunch. WRONG! I was forced to eat a candy bar from the vending machines for lunch. That was literally the only lunch option.....There are nice picnic tables, so I would take a nice picnic.