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May 2, 2007 09:43 AM

Long Beach Rec(?)

I know... another vague post, but let me know if you can help...

I have a friend at a conference in Costa Mesa. I am in the Santa Monica area. We were trying to meet up for dinner tonight and thinking Long Beach would be a good place (I volunteered to do the most driving). I am not familiar with Long Beach at all and was hoping someone could direct us to a decent restaurant.

I am thinking something in the $15-25 range. Cuisine is not that important as we both like about everything.

Anything will help.... thanks!

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  1. Belmont brewery comes to mind, the address is 25 39th place

    1. Biggs on 2d Street is very good. Small plates, Mediterranean food, nice wine list. Might run you a bit more than $25pp, though, depending on how much you order.

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      1. re: Cucinamore

        Does Biggs have a nice wine list these days? I haven't been there for a few months and that was my only complaint about the place then. The food is great. Also, I'm pretty sure it's not small plates anymore.

        1. re: teach

          bigg's doesn't have much of a wine list at all, though they do this $10 "house red" which seems to vary and is always ok and sometimes good. they have "graduated" from small plates (which were never very small, nor very cheap) to a regular menu, though many of the dishes are the same. the food is often very, very good.

        2. re: Cucinamore

          Biggs is closed for six months. On 2nd street, I like Taco Surf, Caffe La Strada and Open Sesame.

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            Since you mention 2nd st. Do you know the name of the Greek place that has that great half chicken, peta bread..... OMG! My son worked nearby at Ocean and 2nd st. and we would meet for lunch but I forget te names of these places. Some good food on that street.

            1. re: JeetJet

              that's probably the former malvasia which is now an outpost of George's from Downtown. it really is a good place for simple greek food.

          2. Benley's, Quasi-Vietnamese with a bit of style, reasonable and easier to find parking than Belmont Shore

            8191 East Wardlow Road
            Long Beach, CA 90808
            (562) 596-8130

            PS they may still be BYOB.

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            1. re: mlgb

              I had a really nice dinner at Benley's with a friend a couple of weeks ago. Excellent spring rolls, she had shrimp (looked fabulous), and I had a delicious salmon fillet. That, with a pot of jasmine tea and generous tip was under $50.

            2. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles!

              1. La Creperie Cafe on 2nd street - 4911 E 2nd Street. Then go to the Basement and listen to live music.

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                1. re: dshm

                  I agree. Several hounders eschew this place but I have always found it very good, especially the velvety sauces that complement the crepes. Don't even get me started on the cinnamon, sugar and butter crepe. Like the middle of a great cinnamon roll on crack with fresh whipped cream. Worth the trip and very reasonable. (about $20.00 pp w/ tip, no alcohol)