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May 2, 2007 09:41 AM

celebration dinner Tucson Az

Would anyone comment on Arizona Inn vs. Starr pass Signature Grill for a graduation celebration dinner. Or another suggestion as I want a formal / great food / $$$ price . Thanks for any suggestions as I am under the gun to get reservations ASAp -- forgot to do this!!!

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  1. The Signature Grill at StarrPass is not that formal; Primo is a lot more formal, and the food much more interesting. I love Primo and the AZ Inn. Janos and the Ventana Room are also formal, but $$$$, if it fits in your budget. Or how about Hacienda Del Sol or Fleming's?

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    1. re: Claudette

      Thanks for the info. The Primo is booked but I did see Hacienda Del Sol on open table so booked there and the AZ Inn. The AZ inn would be much closer to the university. Do you have a preference between these 2?

      1. re: kazer4

        Both are very nice. I prefer Hacienda del Sol. The wine list is more interesting. The food and ambiance are also more hip. You won't go wrong either way, but I think HDS is the better choice.

        1. re: lawyerbriefs

          I agree - you won't go wrong either way. They're both classy, historical; ideally, you'll have occasion to frequent both sometime.

    2. In the North Tucson Area, I have two favorites: Ventana Room (fairly recent review on this board), and Janos at La Paloma. Both are formal, with the VR being a tad more upscale. Both have very good and interesting wine lists. We most often do the chef's tasting menus, and have never been disappointed. Just did Janos (have to do the review), and based on the last two visits, would give the nod to VR, but only by a little.