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May 2, 2007 09:40 AM

Israeli coucous in Indy

Does anyone know where I can purchase Israeli couscous in Indy? Trader Joes has discontinued it and Marsh/O'malias never had it.

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  1. Just is Israeli couscous different from ordinary couscous?

    1. No guarantees, but I once found some in the food section of TJ Maxx in Bloomington. Might be worth a try up there, although it's a long shot.

      Israeli couscous is much larger than the ordinary stuff (though still small, mind you) -- like little pasta balls.

      1. You might want to try Saraga on Lafayette Road. Also Mix 5, the Iraqi kebab restaurant on the southwest corner of 71st Street & Michigan Road, has a nice little market in front and I think I recall seeing it there. One other place comes to mind: The Corner Gourmet at 86th & Ditch.