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May 2, 2007 09:36 AM

It's it a special night anywhere?

Can someone please point me to a list of which restaurants offer special nights? Like grilled cheese night or special tasting menu night?

I'm specifically looking for this evening, but would love to print out a definitive list if it exists.


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  1. Copied from
    Might want to call and check to make sure....

    On the heels of the cupcake craze comes another cute confection trend: doughnuts. Every Wednesday night, Grace restaurant switches out its usual dessert menu for a menu of gourmet doughnuts. Unlike the average doughnut, these are not meant to be eaten out of hand. Instead, you’ll find before you an elaborate concoction, such as chocolate hazelnut beignets with bananas Foster or brown sugar doughnuts accompanied by blackberry preserves, beurre noissette and fresh berry salad. Grace, 7360 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, 323-934-4400.

    Every Wednesday night at Saddle Peak Lodge, chef Mark Murillo will make game chili, offered as an appetizer ($11), as a main course ($22) or as part of a three-course meal with an iceberg wedge salad and raspberry cheesecake ($39). Some microbrews have also been added to the bar in honor of the chili. Saddle Peak Lodge, 419 Cold Canyon Rd., Calabasas, 818-222-3888.

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    1. Good Microbrew in Silverlake has Mystery Beer Night. Sometimes the beers are very good, sometimes bad, but always cheap.

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        Hi Mojoeater, my BF is into microbrews (he's a colorado boy), do you know offhand what they offer on a regular night? Thanks

      2. Bistro Verdu in Montrose has a special 3-course prix-fixe menu for $28/person every Wednesday.

        1. well, not every wednesday night, but tonight specifically, is 31 cent scoop night (5pm to 10pm) at baskin robbins. Thats pretty special

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            Yeah, but they only give you the teeny kiddie scoop at that price!

          2. I believe Josie does a farmer's market 3-course for $32-ish on Wednesday's.